reviewed by Windy Chien of Aquarius Records

Once known simply as "the rust record", this is the debut recorded collaboration between AQ-fave sound artist Loren Chasse (id battery, Thuja, himself, etc.) and Jim Haynes. Jim, known for his decay-oriented visual art, provided the each-one-unique rusted cover art for The Chronograph, in addition to melding his audio ideas with those of Loren. The result isn't too far removed from Loren's solo or id battery efforts -- abstract magnifications of natural sounds manipulated for maximum dronological effect. In addition to the chemical reactions and metal vibrations that were recorded as part of The Chronograph's initial "rusting" concept, you'll hear bells, shortwave radio static, feedback, and more, all processed into what both Jim and Loren accurately describe as a "phosphorescent" sound. Rustings, and rubbings, and rustlings, like some arcane ceremony involving broken miniature machines and electric underwater pulsations. Ominous rumblings full of tension, and sudden dis-connections. Lovely stuff. By the way, this disc is not only the first release for the Coelacanth duo, but also for Jefre Cantu of Tarentel's new Partition label.