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The Wire credits from 2002

226: December 2002
       "Rites For Women: Fursaxa"
        Devendra Banhart Oh Me Oh My...
        Leif Elggren Extraction
        C.M. Von Hausswolff A Lecture On Disturbances In Architecture
        [The User] Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix Printers

225: November 2002
        Current 93 / Nurse With Wound Music For The Horse Hospital
        Oxbow An Evil Heat
        Outer Limits: Animist Orchestra, Black Dice, Freiband, Gunter / Chartier / Roden, Isis, Christina Kubisch,
               Mirror, Monos, Troum / Yen Pox, Vagina Dentata Organ

224: October 2002
        Non Children Of The Black Sun

223: September 2002
        Jonathan Coleclough Period / Periodicity
        Jonathan Coleclough / Colin Potter Low Ground
        H.N.A.S. Abasswermusik
        H.N.A.S. Melchior
        H.N.A.S. Kuttel Im Frost
        H.N.A.S. The Book of Dingeskirchen
        Outer Limits: Beneath The Lake, Joe Colley / Crawl Unit, Floor, Janitor, Murmer, Omit, Ramleh

222: August 2002
        Merzbow A Taste Of Merzbow
        Merzbow / Kouhei Matsunaga
        Boris with Merzbow Megatone
        Outer Limits: Beequeen, M. Behrens, Heimir Bjorgulfsson & Jonas Olsson, The Vacuum Boys, Boris,
               Fursaxa, K-Group / Omit, Kuwayama-Kijima, Brendan Walls, Z’ev

221: July 2002
        Main Tau
        Janek Schaefer Pulled Under

220: June 2002
        Philip Jeck Stoke
        Die Todliche Doris Kinderringelreihen Fur Wahren Toren Des Grals
        Avant Rock by Bill Martin
        Outer Limits: Gate, Goem, Felix Hess, Loveliescrushing, Kiyoshi Mizutani, OST, Matt Shoemaker, Worms

219: May 2002
        "Trees Have Ears: The Jewelled Antler Collective"
        Nurse With Wound The Man With The Woman Face

218: April 2002
        "Thieves Of Fire: Sunn O)))"
        Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson This One Comes Highly Recommended
        Outer Limits: Aube, Jojo Hiroshige, Jonathan Coleclough, Bernhard Gunter, Tim Hecker, John Hudak,
               Ilitch, Ruth, Milan Knizak, Jean-Francois Laporte, OSwald Wiener & Helmut Schoener

217: March 2002
        Larsen Rever
        Various Anthology 2: Come Organisation Archives 1981-1992

216: February 2002
        Sacher Pelz Mutation For A Continuity
        Outer Limits: Illusion Of Safety, Thomas Koner, Eric La Casa, Points Of Friction, Space Machine,
              Tangerine Dream Syndicate, Thuja, Troum

215: January 2002
        Epiphanies: "Love and Lose in Coil’s Secret Domain"
        M. Gira / D. Matz What We Did
        Outer Limits: Koji Asano, Scott Arford & Randy Yau, Birchville Cat Motel, Neil Campbell &
             Richard Youngs, Earth, Eso Steel, Brandon LaBelle, Ora, Steve Roden, The Church Universal and              Triumphant Featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Spear