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The Wire credits from 2007

283: September 2007
      Outer Limits: Bryan Eubanks / JP Jenkins, Human Quena Orchestra, jgrzinich, Netherworld,
            Yann Novak & Gretchen Bennett, Points Of Friction, RST, RV Paintings, Zaimph

280: June 2007
     "Nurture Studies: Zavoloka"

278: April 2007
      Outer Limits: Paul Bradley, Cherry Beach Project, Kotra & Zavoloka, Francisco Lopez, Machinefabriek,
            Sacher Pelz / MB, Keiichiro Shibuya / Norbert Moslang / Toshimaru Nakamura, Sixes,
            Troum & All Sides

276: February 2007
     Seismic Performacnes: Did the Earth move for you too?
            My Bloody Valentine, Swans, :zoviet * france:

275: January 2007
      Outer Limits: Richard Chartier, Contrastate, Taylor Deupree / Kenneth Kirschner / Thomas Korber /
           Steinbrüchel / Aaron Ximm, Marcus Fjellström, Library Tapes, Daniel Menche, Muslimgauze,
           Osso Exotico & Verres Enharmoniques, Dave Phillips, Damion Romero, Wäldchengarten