Publications through The Helen Scarsdale Agency

  HMS 030: Jim Haynes Scarlet Cassette $7.00
  HMS 027: Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson So Long CD $13.00
  HMS 029: Simon Whetham From The Mouths Of Clay Cassette $7.00
  HMS 026: Taiga Remains Works for Cassette LP $18.00
  HMS 025: RMillis Relief LP $18.00
  HMS 023: The Slaves Ocean On Ocean 2LP $22.00
  HMS 022: Murmer What Are The Roots That Clutch CD $13.00
  HMS 021: Jim Haynes The Decline Effect 2LP $22.00
  HMS 020: BJ Nilsen & Stilluppstepa Big Shadow Montana LP $15.00
  HMS 019: RV Paintings Samoa Highway LP $15.00
  HMS 018: M. Holterbach + Julia Eckhardt Do Undo (in G Maze) CD
  HMS 017: Spiracle Ananta 2CD $17.00
  HMS 016: irr. app. (ext.) Kreiselwelle CD $13.00
  HMS 015:Matt Shoemaker Erosion of the Analogous Eye CD $13.00
  HMS 014: Loren Chasse & Michael Northam The Otolith CD $13.00
  HMS 013: BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa Passing Out CD $15.00
  HMS 012: Omit Interceptor 2CD $17.00
  HMS 011: Murmer We Share A Shadow CD $15.00
  HMS 010: Matt Shoemaker Spots In The Sun CD $13.00
  HMS 009: Jim Haynes Telegraphy By The Sea CD
  HMS 008: BJNilsen & Stilluppsteypa Drykkjuvisur... CD $13.00
  HMS 007: M.S. Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Sigtryggur Berg
        Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes, and R.K. Faulhaber
The Sleeping
CD $15.00
  HMS 006: Spoonbender 1.1.1 Stereo Telepathy... CD $15.00
  HMS 005: Omit Tracer 2CD $16.00
  HMS 004: BJNilsen & Stilluppsteypa Vikinga Brennivin CD $13.00
  HMS 003: Coelacanth Mud Wall CD
  HMS 002: irr. app. (ext.) Ozeanische Gefühle CD $13.00
  HMS 001: Jim Haynes Magnetic North CD
  HMS 000 / P|1: Coelacanth The Chronograph CD

Other Items Available

  Olivia Block Change Ringing CD $15.00
  Eugene Carchesio & Leighton Craig Leaves CD $12.00
  Tim Catlin Radio Ghosts CD $12.00
  Tim Catlin Slow Twitch CD $16.00
  Andrew Chalk East Of The Sun CD $20.00
  Andrew Chalk Goldfall CD $20.00
  Andrew Chalk The River That Flows Into The Sands CD $20.00
  Andrew Chalk Vega CD $20.00
  Richard Chartier Archival 1991 CD $14.00
  Chop Shop Oxide CD $12.00
  Chrystal Belle Scrodd Belle Du Jour CD $18.00
  Chrystal Belle Scrodd The Inevitable Chrystal Belle Scrodd Record CD $18.00
  Coelacanth The Glass Sponge CD $12.00
  Coelacanth & Keith Evans Wrack Light in Copper Ruin
       CD+DVD $19.00
  Jonathan Coleclough Period CD $14.00
  Jonathan Coleclough & Murmer Husk CD $15.00
  Joe Colley Desperate Attempts at Beauty CD $12.00
  Joe Colley Waste of Sound CD $14.00
  Joe Colley Disasters Of Self 3LP $45.00
  Current 93 Thunder Perfect Mind: Cyrillic Version 2CD $19.00
  D.A. Odeon LP $18.00
  Yannick Dauby, John Grzinich, & Patrick McGingley
       Lind, Raud, Astaajad 2CD $16.00
  Die Propylgruppe Produkt 01 3"CDR $8.00
  John Duncan Da Sich Die Machtgier…CD $16.00
  John Duncan John See Soundtracks CD $10.00
  John Duncan & Paolo Parisi Conservatory CD $42.00
  John Duncan & Giuliana Stefani Palace of Mind CD $18.00
  John Duncan & CM von Hausswolff Our Telluric... CD $18.00
  Kyle Bobby Dunn A Young Person's Guide To... 2CD $14.00
  Sophie Durand & Manu Holterbach Verres: Un CD $12.00
  Emaciator Reflection 2LP $17.00
  Exit In Grey Stillness Of Shadows CD $14.00
  Faust / Nurse With Wound Disconnected CD $16.00
  Richard Francis Together Alone, Together Apart CD $12.00
  G*Park Sub 2CD $16.00
  Richard Garet Areal CD $12.00
  Richard Garet Decentering CD $11.00
  Richard Garet & Brendan Murray Of Distance CD $13.00
  Michael Gendreau 55 pas de la ligne au no 3 CD $12.00
  Gum Vinyl Anthology 2CD $18.00
  The Hafler Trio Dislocation CD $14.00
  The Hafler Trio How To Reform Mankind CD $14.00
  The Hafler Trio If Take, Then Take: Tricks, Half-Tricks & Real... LP $40.00
  The Hafler Trio & Colin Potter A Pressed On Sandwich CD $16.00
  Jim Haynes Eraldus / Eravaldus LP $17.00
  Jim Haynes Kamchatka CD $12.00
  Jim Haynes Sever CD $9.00
  Jim Haynes Ununtrium's Daughter CD $14.00
  Jim Haynes The Wires Cracked LP $20.00
  Illusion Of Safety Probe CD $13.00
  In Camera Open Air CD $13.00
  Infinite Body / Emaciator split LP $12.00
  irr. app. (ext.) Cosmic Superimposition CD $14.00
  jgrzinich Rudiment of Two CD $15.00
  jgrzinich / mnortham The Absurd Evidence CD $13.00
  Jason Kahn Vanishing Point CD $12.00
  Jason Kahn & Asher Vista CD $11.00
  Korpses Katatonik Oeuvres Complètes CD $18.00
  Lethe Catastrophe Point #7 & #8 CD $20.00
  Jean-Francois Laporte Soundmatters CD $12.00
  Francisco Lopez Live in San Francisco CD $12.00
  Francisco Lopez Lopez Island CD $14.00
  Marsfield The Towering Sky CD $20.00
  Francisco Meirino A While & Awhile CDR $12.00
  Francisco Meirino & M. Esposito Ghosts of Case File 142 CD $12.00
  Robert Millis 120 CD $12.00
  Robert Millis Leaf Music, Drunks, Distant Drums CD $12.00
  Monos Above The Sky CD $15.00
  Jon Mueller What's Lost Is Something... CD $12.00
  Brendan Murray Commonwealth CD $12.00
  Brendan Murray Wonders Never Cease CD $12.00
  Nurse With Wound Automating III CD $13.00
  Nurse With Wound Rat Tapes One CD $16.00
  Nurse With Wound Shipwreck Radio Volume Two 2 CD $20.00
  Jim O'Rourke & Christoph Heemann Plastic Palace People I CD $13.00
  Osone Passerelle CD $11.00
  Pedestrian Deposit Austere CD $12.00
  Pedestrian Deposit East Fork / North Fork CD $12.00
  Pale Blue Sky Shades Of Grey LP $13.00
  Psychic Space Invasion Transitions CD $11.00
  Raionbashi / Krube. Ansätze Zum Taumel LP $20.00
  Raionbashi / Stefan Roigk & Daniela Fromberg split LP $20.00
  Rick Reed Dark Skies at Noon CD $12.00
  Rick Reed The Way Things Go 2LP $24.00
  Colin Andrew Sheffield First Thus CD $14.00
  Matt Shoemaker Isolated Agent / Stranding Behavior LP $18.00
  Matt Shoemaker Soundtrack for Dislocation CD $12.00
  Spiracle Lumen 3"CD-R $8.00
  Howard Stelzer Bond Inlets CD $12.00
  Joel Stern Objects, Masks, Paths CD $16.00
  Tarab Strata CD $17.00
  Tarab Surface Drift CD $16.00
  TarabTake All the Ships from the Harbour, and Sail them Straight
       into Hell
CD $12.00
  Tarab Wind Keeps Even Dust Away CD $12.00
  Giancarlo Toniutti La Mutazione CD $24.00
  Giancarlo Toniutti & Andrew Chalk Tahta Tarla LP $24.00
  Toy Bizarre kdi dctb 122 [f] 3"CD-R $8.00
  Valerio Tricoli & Thomas Ankersmit Forma II CD $13.00
  Troum Aiws CD $16.00
  Troum Sigqan CD $16.00
  various A Cleansing Ascension CD $12.00
  various Physical, Absent, Tangible CD-R $11.00
  various SMM : Opiate CD $13.00 / LP $17.00
  various Time & Relative Dimensions in Space CD $12.00
  The Wardrobe Cups in Cupboards CD $16.00