But let's looks back to the USSR, which, after the end of World War II, began its arms race with USA. Both countries worked on developing weapons that could subjugate people to their will - simply speaking, turn huge masses of people into obedient and docile zombies. Whereas in the US the project was given the name of "Clean Brain," in Soviet Union it was called "Radio Sleep", its basis founded in Kajinsky's "Brain Radio" and the work of other researchers, all sent off to be archived before the war.

In 1954, by the order of USSR's Minzdrav (The Ministry of Health), there was established a laboratory for a special force for psychological research - abbreviated as PION. The researchers divided into two factions, named Pionists and Pioneers respectively. The former insisted on zombification of people through the use of specialized equipment that would send a signal which would influence a person's brain and could cause a wide spectrum of possible effects, from deep sleep to a variety of behaviors. The latter faction, on the other hand, believed in the use of psychotropics and hallucinogenics which would be spread over an area occupied by enemy forces.

The debate between Pionists and Pioneers was resolved by Professor Boris Polotskiy, who once had worked under Bernard Kajinsky. Naturally, he sided with the Pionists, which resulted, under his direction, in the creation of the device "Radio Sleep", a modern upgraded variant of Kajinsky's "Brain Radio."

The tests of the "Radio Sleep" device took place at one of the testing sites outside Novosibirsk. 145 soldiers served as lab rabbits. Under the influence of the device they fell into a deep sleep. After being awakened, they remained under observation by the researches for nearly a year. During that time no side effects were observed. The test would have been considered successful if all of the test subjects hadn't started to die, one after another.

The deaths of several dozen Soviet reserve soldiers didn't go unnoticed. The Ministry of Defense of USSR received dozens of complaints. The military leadership and the executive investigative branch started a necessary inquiry. Later, certain documents emerged pertaining to the "Radio Sleep" experiments in Novosibirsk, but the most interesting fact was that the experiment was led by KGB without the participation of the Ministry of Defense - which is to say, it was technically carried out behind the backs of the highest military executives. 

That fact became a powerful tool in GRU's (Main Intelligence Directorate) and Nikita Khruschev's battle with KGB and its general Ivan Serov, with whom Khruschev had a strained relationship. Rumors even say that Khruschev was genuinely afraid of Serov, but had no legitimate reason to remove Serov from his post. That is, not until the information about "Radio Sleep" emerged.

At the end of 1957 General Serov was forced into retirement, while all the scientific research in the sphere of zombification of people was sent off to GRU's archives. In July of 1958, by the order of the Ministries of Defense and Health, every individual who ever mentioned the "Radio Sleep" project or anything to do with human zombification were isolated from society and subject to a thorough course of treatment.

One such "repressed individual" was a test subject of the experiment in Novosibirsk, who miraculously survived and made efforts to publish information about the "Radio Sleep" project. The remainder of his years were spent living in a psychiatric institution.

- [S] : 2015
translated by Tanya Feldman