M. Holterbach & Julia Eckhardt
Do-Undo (in G maze)
CD HMS 018

Touching Extremes
April 2010

    ... another minimal delight in the form of Do-Undo (In G Maze). The droning viola work of Julia Ackhardt, one of whose peculiarities is that she often plays and records exclusively in the key of G, has been reworked and cross-fertilised with strange spatial field recordings by the sound artist Manu Holterbach. Julia actively encourages others to make whatever secondary use they see fit of her recordings, and Holterbach has certainly picked up that gauntlet with dispatch and zeal. While one has encountered the delirious effects of live music mixed with urban sound-events before (for example, an excellent if hard-to-find LP by Tamio Shiraishi and Sean Meehan on the GD Stereo label), this single-minded release is one of the most successful endeavours we've yet encountered in that area. It is also somewhat reminiscent of the mysterious records of Coelacanth, also represented on this label, although of course it's more obtrusive and more explicitly "musical." Quite gorgeous, whichever ear you bend towards it first. As ever from this Californian label, a very limited pressing with fine hand-made cover art inserts. -- The Sound Projector