irr. app. (ext.)
CD HMS 016

Musique Machine
October 2009

      Kreiselwelle is another surreal and off-kilter trip into long form strange ambience, weird field recordings, bizzare sound textures and unsettling psychedelic soundscaping from Matt Waldon's Irr. App (ext.) project The morphing, shifting and bent dream like sonic presence of Kreiselwelle pulls the listener in for a truly tripped-out 46 minute ride. We go from the opening of the track that takes in odd chewing, wind & droning sounds that are darted by strange runing-down carnival like synth slips & sudden jars of ugly guitar discordant strums. Onto strange mixtures of groans, bends and snips swirled by dreamy choral colours, into a landscape of insecurely like twitching limbs, slowed gamelan rocks and ominous drone expanses. Through plains of 50's sci-fi organ like drifts into jarring and urgent pumps of slow motion whips of proton industrial texturing. Really there is rarely a dull or indifferent moment through-out as Waldon nicely builds, shifts and pulls you into new sonic territory as the track slides & snakes through your mind. As Kreiselwelle slowly but surely pulls you deeper and deeper into it's strange and organic like psychedelic sonic soup. Surely this is one of the most rewarding long form slices of strange/surreal ambience & drone work you likely to come across this year; as well as being one of Mr Waldon's most brain melting & pleasing works thus far. -- Roger Batty