The Glass Sponge
CD 23five 004

Jim Haynes
Magnetic North
CD HMS 001

The Wire
reviewed by Keith Moliné

Sound artist and Wire contributor Jim Haynes describes his work with admirably terse statement, "I rust things." In collaboration with Loren Chasse (a regukar in various Jewelled Antler projects) he has produced a ravishing document in The Glass Sponge. Don't let the aquatic reference of title or group name fool you: this isn't an album of lazy ocean atmospherics. Soft drones blossom and then oxidize in graceful slo-mo, with faint striations of disturbed electronics suggesting something ancient and barnacle encrusted. Haynes' solo disc is calmer and colder, but more panoramic. His work is essentially static, but his lightness of touch prevents it becoming monolithic, there being a wealth of slowly evolving detail to be enjoyed. Evocative of polar landscapes and other vast open spaces but somehow sounding private, intimate, and alive, it's a truly beautiful album.