Mud Wall
CD HMS 003

Touching Extremes
reviewed by Massimo Ricci

Jim Haynes and Loren Chasse work with metals, organic materials, shortwave radio, their music sounding like a nuclear wind in a desert parking lot. Ignoring flavoured atmospheres to privilege unquiet natural pollutions, Coelacanth dwell in the patchy surroundings where sound sterilization is prohibited; the sources - undiscernible yet mind-blowingly detailed - produce a menacing somnolence leading to the no man's territory of mental displacement, in a sense of predestination that's almost resignation to uselessness. Throbbing and stony-hearted at the same time, Mud Wall raises the bar for most participants to the new isolationist banquet, distancing itself from the mass of predigested records pretending to "discover the truth;" covered with soil residues, this mass of phenomena stares glacially, reducing you into speechlessness.