Mud Wall
CD HMS 003

Vital Weekly number 430, July 19, 2004
reviewed by Frans de Waard

I am altogether not too sure if Helen Scarsdale is really somebody and is really running an agency, but apperentely it's the name of a nice label. I missed out on their first release, by Jim Haynes, but the second third and third release make up things. As noted before, Coelacanth is the work of Jim Haynes and Loren Chasse. Noted in the review of 'Mud Wall' in Vital Weekly 407. So is this a new CD then or a re-issue? I guess it's neither. It's rather an expanded version of the Mystery Sea CDR, with some extra twenty minutes of material, mainly placed at the beginning. Loren and Jim collected a whole bunch of organic material in the studio, like wood and metal and started scraping them. The sounds are fed through a whole bunch of delay and reverb units, until a thick, waving pattern of sound started vibrating the studio walls. A careful rumbling of objects takes place over the course over forty minutes and off and on they seem to be using field recordings of water. There are some darker edges to be noted in this material, which fits the traditions of Small Cruel Party and Giancarlo Toniutti (though not as sparse as the later) of the older generation and Yannick Dauby, MNortham, and Seth Nehil of the newer lot. Good sturdy, earthy minimalism.