What Are The Roots That Clutch
CD HMS 022

The Field Reporter
October 2012

How to associate sounds from different timbre & origins, and give them the strength & cohesion of the real capture while imparting them an increased value ? How to extract the sound pith from listening experiences to re-inject it afterwards in a sort of still more eloquent aural form ? Murmer gives magisterial answers to these questions : let those sounds mature, live with them for a long period since What Are the Roots that Clutch has been made on the basis of recordings collected along 4 years… Infinite patience and an unquestionable ear for detail have indeed allowed Patrick McGinley, the walking listener, to avoid the trap of easy and hurried associations, and to reach a particularly refined level of perception where the roots of the sounds themselves seem to be exposed and recomposed in an abstract and terraced canvas of the most obsessive kind… Here, no will of domination, only a way of slipping into the instant, of following a delicate figured out motion, of making the apology of stroking, of accompanying the concentric circles that inexorably move away from their impact point till fainting, blending in with the world… For, curiously, the raw capture, the instant fixation seems sometimes to fail there where sensitive transposition triumphs… Sticking to its artist moniker, Murmer, Patrick McGinley suggests more than he imposes, handles the line in a one calligraphic go…the pieces slowly put together from ordinary sounds (bells tinklings, rain on objects, flows, cicada songs, voices, fences resonating like windharps…) become emancipated like as many independent looped vignettes, delivering an original and penetrating reading of our environment… The form itself borders on hypnosis inviting our being to thrill in unison with… A soak lesson where through open narrative, each one will find a grip and will come out of it expanded…an intricate music, falsely drowsy, a remedy against chronophagy… What Are the Roots that Clutch proposes new meaning and asserts itself like one of the crucial albums of 2012… -- Daniel Crokaert