2CD HMS 005

The Wire
November 2005
reviewed by David Keenan

Been a while since we heard so much as a bleep from New Zealand's Omit aka hermetic bedroom soundist Clinton Williams, but this massive double CD set more than fills the gaps. Originally releases on CD-R by SySecular, Tracer has been fully upgraded by Helen Scarsdale with a swanky-looking letterpress / silkscreened sleeve. The feel remains deeply homemade, with analogue synths, primitive drum machines, hi-jacked electronics, tape loops and a boatload of effects combined in sad assemblages that cross moments of documentary-style field recordings with beautiful processionals that recall the more austere Ambient works of Asmus Tietchens and Klaus Schulze, Other parts are a little more schlocky, like music for a 1960s BBC sci-fi serial, but even here there's something supremely melancholy about the lonesome play of analogue codes around little signs of synthesized melody. Indeed, this one might even top Corpus Hermeticum's Quad triple CD set as the best Omit release to date.