2CD HMS 005

December 2005

Recorded iin 2001/2002 and salvaged from total obscurity by the enigmatic Helen Scarsdale Agency, this double album from Clinton Williams, aka Omit is available only in limited edition, hand-printed editions. This adds to the sense that this is a very personal document. Listening to Tracer feels at times like eavesdropping on one man's private experiments. Recorded using old analogue equipment, there is more than a touch of the obsessive about "Sequester," the 25-minute long opening track which sets the scene with a series of clicks, cuts, and glitches in the system. Throughout, the growing sense of melancholic futility is heightened by the menacing automated voice response system of an after-hours bank phoneline. This paranoia-inducing materia is returned to throughout the album and communicates a deep sense of unease about the systems that rule the modern world. Exactly what Williams is saying in this album is not entirely clear. Expect a beautiful journey rather than any obvious answers. - Stuart Aitken