2CD HMS 005

Number 499, Week44
reviewed by Frans de Waard

A long time after I lost my interested in cassette as an independent medium I discovered the music of Clinton Williams, aka Omit. He had then already released a bunch of lathe cut vinyl, regular vinyl and even a three CD on my still favorite Corpus Hermeticum label, but I went to great length getting some of his obscure cassettes releases. Since some time either the flood has dried out a little bit, or perhaps going past by me, without me knowing it. The material on Tracer was released on CDR some years ago (recorded from December 2001 to 2002) by SySecular, but now saved from further decay, through a re-issue on a real CD. If you could at it closely, it's hard to tell why Omit makes great music. Using a blend of analogue synths, outdated rhythm machines, effects pedals and tape-loops of concrete sounds, it's not something that is exactly new. But there is a certain hypnotic quality in Omit's music, even when some tracks are short (that's something he seems to like: either short, sketch like tracks and sometimes very long tracks, like the opening piece "Sequester"). The hypnotic quality of the takes us back to the seventies psychedelic music, cosmic music of that day, but then less smooth, more lo-fi and more raw. The music here comes down to the listener as an extended flow (two discs with 120 minutes of music - mind you), but best is to sit back, relax and float downstream. Omit still crafts some excellent music!