irr. app. (ext.)
Ozeanishe Gefühle
CD HMS 002

foxy digitalis
reviewed by Lee Jackson

Ozeanische Gefühle finds Matt Waldron, aka irr. app. (ext.), diving headfirst into the morass of post industrial drone whir. Of the two tracks here, the title piece is the main draw. It opens with recordings of rain and distant thunder being plopped into a vat of primitive tone generators that breathe as a constant pulse. From this ominous ooze high pitched tones scream; skeletal melodies occasionally emerge; and a wide variety of mechanical noise nightmares unfold. In just over 42 minutes, Waldron covers everything from meditative night sounds and wine glass whirrs to twisted variations of old horror movie soundtrack music, making this a fascinating sound collage that manages to pull the listener in a plenty of alternate directions with ease. It's a keeper worthy of comparison to the finest in the genre, i.e. HNAS, Organum, Nurse With Wound.

8 out of 10