irr. app. (ext.)
Ozeanishe Gefühle
CD HMS 002

igloo magazine
reviewed by TJ Norris

irr. app. (ext.) (aka Matt Waldron) has teamed up with the Bay Area's new sound central hub, the Helen Scarsdale Agency, to bring to light about an hour's worth of new sound that is pretty dense, indeed. This work is something of an enigma, caught between organic and angelic worlds battling for a cross section of oxygen, embellished with thick drone and silhouetted drama. The 42 minute title track uses sounds that are low to earth. "Ozeanische Gefühle" zones in closely to irregular beat intervals, like those separations heard when crossing a drawbridge. There's an alluring thing about the deep sensation of sounds that induce fear, but without the visuals it is the theater of your imagination, and that is what Waldron has set up quite perfectly here. If I were lost in space this is probably the sound I would hear, even if there were no sound at all. It's a peaceful internal irrigation, wetting down all your inner demons for a breathtaking period of time. This is a new drug. The second track is something of an epilogue called "The Demiurge's Presumption" is more predominantly a playful experiment taking apart some creeky percussion that drags and scrapes and otherwise goes bump. The drone of a bell is distant, but constant as Waldron tinkers away on rubber-band sounding strings and the vertigo trance of an evolving sound energy that pulls to front and center virtually eradicating the toy-box hi-jinx. Props to the Agency for finding the spirit to don its beautiful cover work that uses a clear overlay atop a matt stock, making for a cloudy sky embossed with vague tattoo-like imagery.

5 out of 5