irr. app. (ext.)
Ozeanishe Gefühle
CD HMS 002

Vital Weekly
number 430, July 19, 2004
reviewed by Frans de Waard

For some strange reason, many people seem to know the name irr. app. (ext.), aka Matt Waldron from California. Strange because the man only released two albums, one of Fire inc (1997) and one on Crouton (2003) in the last decade or so. His name popped up in some releations to say Nurse With Wound and Stilluppsteypa. So Ozeanische Gefühle is the third album and it's easy to set this along the finer works of expanded drone music. Music that is related to drone music, but use in a piece more paths, more instruments, and doesn't just rumble from a to b. The title piece, the core of this work, is a forty-some minute collage of all things processed: woodwinds, bells, bowls, organ sounds, maybe even guitars. Everything is thrown in the giant blender which is called the "studio" and takes us to a variety of landscapes, each with it's own colour and tone and is far away from his previous work. The second, shorter piece is "The Demiurge's Presumption" and harks back to his earlier work. Although drones play an important role in this piece, improvisations made on guitar also play their role. Although this is a fine piece, I think just the first would have been enough. It's quite an overwhelming piece of music going on here, after which you need to relax and served another great piece. But in all, a great CD and hopefully the gateway to some more releases.