Cassette HMS027

Vital Weekly
July 2015

You remember the Russian musician who calls himself [s]? And sometimes works as Five Elements Music and Exit in Grey? He now has a new name under his belt, and it's Radioson. It also says so in Russian on the cover. This new project is inspired by Russia's parapsychological experiments, and using the radio for biological warfare. That is all part and parcel for [s], who knows how to use all of that dark technology and conspiracy stuff into a soundtrack that resembles much of that. Lots of radio transmissions are intercepted and fed through a whole bunch of sound effects and served as a fine dish of dark ambient music. The cover lists also a bunch of ancient soviet synthesizers, adding to the fun, but also adding a bit of melody here and there... Whereas Helen Scarsdale places that on the Schnitzler/Schulze axis, I'd rather believe this has more to do with Maurizio Bianchi in a somewhat more contemplative mood. Think Plain Truth era. Long on-going field of vastly layered electronic sound, and one or two of these layers contain a slow melody. It's darker than much of the cosmic music from the seventies, I'd say (even when Schnitzler knew some of those tricks too), and this is an absolutely great release. An obscured cloud of radio transmissions is taken from the air and put on an ancient piece of magnetic tape. It's all bit darker and grittier than some of the other of [s], so quite rightly he choose a new moniker. Perhaps not something you didn't hear before, but quite a lovely tape! -- Frans de Waard