LP HMS 025

October 2013

Gorgeous collection of soundscapes and field recordings from Sublime Frequencies' Robert Millis! Sublime Frequencies and Parlotone contributor and former Climax Golden Twin Robert Millis presents a cryptic episode for the excellent Helen Scarsdale Agency. Relief was composed between 2010-2012 and surveys esoteric, itinerant soundscapes segueing between mercurial tones, drones and crackling textures imbued with the sort of unique feel for timbre that you might expect from a head involved in far-reaching compilations such as the amazing Folk & Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Volume 1 or Scattered Melodies: Korean Kayagum Sanjo from 78RPM Records and much more beside. Processed recordings of guitar, organ and acousmatic sources swell in strange shapes and tantalising harmonic hues rich in queered overtones, transporting us from the shimmering, piquant dissonance of 'Secret Sentence' to ghostly, Philip Jeck-like atmospheres in 'Second Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction' via singing gospel church organ and droning overtones in 'Enjoyment Machine' and onwards, inwards to rippling gamelan and chanting field recordings reminding of Loren Nerrell or Kink Gong on 'Awaj Arepo' and one expansive finale 'Relief'. It feels as though the whole LP is setting us up to this final piece, where any of the record's more distinct signifiers melt into an even more impressionistic ether of lush, listing overtones and pensile percussion counting time like an ancient water clock before gently returning us to waking life with soft keys and denser drones. It's genuinely enchanting music...