LP HMS 025

The Vinyl Factory
Ten Best Vinyl Releases Of The Week // November 25, 2013

Curator of many a fine 78 collection for both Dust to Digital and Sublime Frequencies, Robert Millis has always had a generous and skilled approach to past sounds and present mediums and this solo outing again shows him as a true adventurer in the temporal and outernational. There’s a hypnotic sense of rotation on this record, with frequencies both played, sampled, and observed resonating like the passage of a needle through shellac. ‘Second Lord of the Auspicious’ is imbued with such an approach, its synth tones and background noise from the dirt and decay within a groove bleeding into a blissful 7 minute swirl of ambience. As a whole, this one’s a musical tonic distilled from distant microphones, and Millis’ global adventures in esoterica. A stunning piece of work. – James