RV Paintings
Samoa Highway
LP HMS 019

November 2010

   Last heard on an experimental side of a split LP with Taiga Remains on Blackest Rainbow, RV Paintings is Brian and Jon Pyle's fraternal formation. With Samoa Highway, the first LP to be released by the Helen Scarsdale Agency, they have produced a more focused set of deep meditative drone and ever-so-slightly creepy field recordings. The title refers to a bridge that runs through (their home) Humboldt County, passing a local airport. And so "Millions" begins with the sound of jet airplanes screaming through a haze of humming guitars, but the muffled bangs and rumbles in the background almost relocate the piece across the world to the Tora Bora mountains. As with several tracks on the album, the fog slowly clears to leave peaceful melody line; piano in this case, organs more commonly. "Mirrors", with its churning strings, begins like a cousin of "With You At Brandy Creek" from the last Ensemble Economique record, before increasing layers of echoing voices , footsteps and watery drip consume it: a cellist busking in the underpass that connects California to the netherworld. -- Scott MacMillan