RV Paintings
Samoa Highway
LP HMS 019

The Sound Projector
November 2010

   RV Paintings is Brian Pyle from Starving Weirdos, joined by his brother Jon for this project; some years ago we missed a record they made for Root Strata, but here's Samoa Highway (HMS 019) recorded for the Helen Scarsdale Agency and released as a vinyl LP with a suitably "romantic" photo cover of the American landscape. All the rich air of California seems to have seeped into the blankets of this particular bed, and it seems that field recordings of airplanes have been woven into these mixtures of guitar dronings and other musical concoctments. Less frenetically-executed than Starving Weirdos ritualistic ceremony music, RV Paintings come across as more approachable and preoccupied with making observations on the deep and grand things in nature that more of us could appreciate, if we took the time to just stand and stare with our ears for a few hours. Grandiose, stirring, with many rich violet and ultramarine hues. -- Ed Pinsent