Matt Shoemaker
Erosion of the Analogous Eye
CD HMS 015

The Sound Projector
June 2009
by Ed Pinsent

Matt Shoemaker is the Seattle sound-artist who perches midway between arrayed ranks of analogue synths, exotic field recordings from Eastern lands, and a computer with the sort of processing power that even Pixar are envious of. Here’s his new release Erosion Of The Analogous Eye, full of noises which certainly live up to its sponsor’s claims of “mesmerising”, what with the shimmering fields of sound that elide back and forth between semi-recognisable human shapes and completely abstracted electronic fields of impossibility. Shoemaker is evolving into a plausible matchstick we can hold alongside the twin flambeaux of murmur and López. 300 copies only of this nifty item, due to its hand-made cover artworks.