Matt Shoemaker
Spots in the Sun
CD HMS 008

September, 2007

If you could imagine flying high, into hyper space you could fashion this trip in your mind. Seattle's Matt Shoemaker has drawn from the wide open space of fantasy science fiction. He has, as well, depicted the intimacy of the hands touch of immediate objects dramatically playing on the dichotomy of aural depth of field. With an intense sense of pacing, and the breath between instrumentation Shoemaker has generated something a bit akin to the lingering noir of the classic soundtrack for Kubric's 2001. It's gassy drone, and moving airways, the low-fi roar of something faintly mechanical, yet restrained, to build up a mysterious set of passages that are inhabited by beings and distant weather systems. Field recordings are folded into the background delivering a sense of the remote. You get the feeling that perhaps something much larger than you lurks out there, somewhere. It harkens a sense of third person, of surveillance. And without any specific action, the ambience of Spots in the Sun projects that a lurking and suspenseful sense of the sinister is at large, and elusive. -- TJ Norris.