BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa
Space Ritual

2010 editions Mego 2LP / Cassette

Track Listing:
Side A : Space Finale 1.1
Side B : Space Finale 1.2
Side C : Space Finale 2.1
Side D : Space Finale 2.2

Press Release:

The follow up to the well received Man From Deep River, Space Finale is another surreal slice of heavy listening from these legendary north Europeans. The material included here was realised on analogue equipment, with a Revox 2-Channel tape machine as their main instrument. Maintaining the analogue spirit of the audio this release is available as a double vinyl LP and a C90 Cassette. The tracks presented here are long form excursions into intense slabs atmospheric disturbance, melancholic fog and chattering melodies, as well as their legendary field recordings. Packaged with some suitably cool images by Franz Graf. Limited 500 copies.


This incredible ninety-minute album was originally released on cassette earlier on this year. Divided into four lengthy pieces, the album has the feel of a classic piece of analogue experimentation, populated by obliterated field recordings, vintage synth timbres, archaic, blipping tones and above all, acre after acre of sustaining, continuous sound. It's hard to know exactly how this music came about, but if you scry long enough over these vast, smoky vistas you'll hear shapes (of some sort) starting to emerge. It's listed that the principal 'instrument' used in the making of this record was a Revox 2-channel tape machine, and the fact that the release was originally consigned to cassette means that the warm, magnetic character of the music is seen through right to the end. The classic, old-fashioned styling of the album contributes to the overwhelming ambiguity that hangs over proceedings; very few modern, digital drone records manage to achieve such an unshakable air of foggy enigma, and at its intangible best Space Finale evokes a fantasy meeting between Delia Derbyshire and The Hafler Trio. Strictly limited copies - an absolute treasure. -- Boomkat