Stilluppsteypa & irr. app. (ext.)
tpith or tetapth

1997 Fire, Inc. CD

Track Listing:

1. language shots : very useful
2. pricked membrane articulates discomfort
3. under cover of night, the locust train bears away your fondest dreams
4. reply offers quotations
5. the grapefruit tree (what is it's real name?)
6. sap pits pull, yet / till puppets say: / "all types spit up/pulpy silt paste" / pay up still pest
7. wherever than any whenever

Press Release:
Collaboration album by the trio from Iceland and artist from California. With special guest vocal appearances by Japanese singer Yasuko Onuki (of Melt-Banana). This CD takes these artists into unknown territories of sound sculptures and electronic cut-ups, as well as being on familiar ground. A surrealistic, in a way, journey through the unreal landscape of Iceland's lava fields, with Japanese birds flying all around you humming old folk tunes and operas.

The Hidden Text:

on behalf of the lower half

Those concerned:

In response to your recent inquiry, I would like to put forth (for your leisurely and enlightened consideration) these few thoughts; flint, perhaps, the which to generate sparks after striking friction with your rigid, metallic imaginations, and (against all hope) resulting in ideas being ignited of a much higher sort. In order to make easier a process already rendered far too difficult (if I can be excused of utilising a crude metaphor, it could in some ways be likened to a corpse (not of a personal aquaintance, nor the locus of any kind of tragedy whatsoever, but obviously of some interest (of an unspecified nature) to us) that has been interred with it's head directed towards the centre of ourearthy globe.
It is of no mystery that attempts to discover the location of these sad (but, once again, not tragic) remains are going to be considerably more involved than had the cadaver in question been laid to rest in a more traditional manner. With nothing but the ever-shrinking soles of it's feet to steer by, we are constrained by greatly (not the least in terms of surface area) limited possibilities to work with; yet herein lies our liberation, meaning not less than this: The forcing of our perspective to acknowledge a greater scope of possibilities (or : a photograph held upside-downwards regarded as a distinct and coherent message unto itself, and not merely an inverted referent to an already-conceived and inflexible idea)), I will refrain entirely.

Warmest Regards,



Award for the weirdest band names and title of the issue, Stilluppsteypa & create stunning grey metallic ambient very much in the style of Illusion of Safety or Schloss Tegal. Unlike their counterparts however, these two bands prefer a sort of surreal approach to their droning, sample ridden product. Recorded in Iceland, Japan and the US, tpith or tetapth builds it's uneasiness through the sheer unfamiliarity of the sounds heard. Whereas IOS and the Tegal utilise spooky samples and weird narration, Stilluppsteypa & develop their textures almost organically, when there are samples of, say a child crying, you're not sure if it's a straight forward sample or an eerie development in the music itself. Unreservedly recommended.