The Best Yet Possible
1997 Korm Plastics, Introductionaire Paperback CD

Track Listing:
1. A Cause For Alarm & Confusion I
2. A Cause For Alarm & Confusion II
3. A Cause For Alarm & Confusion III
4. A Cause For Alarm & Confusion IV
5. A Cause For Alarm & Confusion V
6. It Should Be
7. The Too Close Hand
8. Tension Than Laugh
9. People With Loud Language Whisper - Having Conversation While Speaking

The story about Stilluppsteypa..........

..............after most incouragement by Mostly Wood Productions, Stilluppsteypa was formed. So no only writing books, we started making sounds and films. The isolation in living here in Iceland has indeed infected our works a lot! And it depends a lot on the weather really, which has a habit of constant changing, what our minds make and come up with each time. Collaborating with the infamous Stefan fra Modrudal lead to us discovering the true investigation of the further escape. Most recent introduction with Werner Kalbfleisch we will definitely expand our borders in this particular field of enquiry.