Interferences are Often Requested: Reverse Tendency As Parts Become Nearly Nothing

1999 Ritornell CD

Track Listing:
1. Part Nearly Nothing
2. Mostly Midrange Vocals
3. Plenty Loud, Thank You
4. Is This (Better Than) What I'm Used To
5. Wheel Who Doesn't Do Anything
6. From A To Z Without Too Much Fuss
7. Some People Just Want To Take Out Their Old Guitar

Press Release:

Stilluppsteypa was formed in the beginning of '92 to do more experiments with music than experimental music.In the first 5 years the band released 3 CDs and several LPs, including split releases with The Hafler Trio Stock Hausen & Walkman and more. In '97 the band to leave their home, Iceland, and bring their activities to the Netherlands. Since that time the band has worked constantly in the studio and performed all over the world, opening up for Sonic Youth at Tempodrom Berlin, playing at the Cooler NYC, etc. In '98, Stilluppsteypa released a new album and gave their work a more minimal electronic approach, e.g. having Japanese minimal composer Ryoji Ikeda remix a track. Collaborations have been done with Japanese female singer Hanayo and Andy Diagram of the Spaceheads. This first album for Ritornell was recorded at Steim Studios in Amsterdam and in Iceland. The music floats somewhere between Noto, Pansonic and Ikeda. Stilluppsteypa are generating electrified sound surfaces, modulating sinus sounds, and working with minimal beats. The project develops into a soft vision of minimal electronic music, a highly transparent sound design.