Project Horror Express

2003 En/Of LP

Track Listing:
A. Psychoretinal Flashbacks: Frozen Monsters And Super Creeps
B. Horror Larsen: Phantoms, Witches, Demons And So On An Enormous Rat-Like Person


The Wire

With their aptly named recording Project Horror Express with the visual production courtesy of Daniel Roth, Stilluppsteypa revels in a Surrealist dichotomy between sounds that are disturbing and sounds that are silly. Throughout the expansive soundfield for this album, glassine tones intensify into claustrophobic spaces, only to be ruptured by clunky factory preset bossanova beat and percolating electronics that set off on a goofy Carribean cruise. In many ways, Stillupsteypa have recontextualized their mentor The Hafler Trio through a funhouse mirror, where all of the obtuse sounds that Andrew McKenzie presented as gnostic keys for wisdom or inscrutible critiques upon the means of perception are subjected to Stillupsteypa's wit and humor. At the heart of Stillupsteyppa is a whip smart intelligence which puts them miles about their contemporaries who rely on self-reflexive irony and simple one-liners. - Jim Haynes