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Every Island Fled Away and the Mountains Could Not Be Found

an installation for rust, cupric sulfate, aluminum chloride
on silver photographic prints and glass with sound

Commissioned for the residency program at Jack Straw Productions in Seattle, Washington // 2007

Also on display at The Lab in San Francisco // 2008

Every Island Fled Away and the Mountains Could Not Be Found is an installation for sound constructions and corroded photographs, collectively acting as a metonymic, divergent presentation of how vibrations affect the surface of water. The audio component features a multi-channel sound construction of numerous 3.5 inch speaker cones with small wine glasses resting upon the cone of each speaker. These wine glasses in turn would be filled with variable solutions of cupric sulfate, aluminum chloride, rust, and water. In pushing very low frequencies through the speakers and up through the stem of the glass, the ensuing vibrations would cause variable patterns to appear on the surface of the liquid. The choreography of these vibrating surfaces is complemented by six composite images of corroded photographs, which has bruised and contaminated by the same chemicals found within the solutions found in the sound constructions. While these images describe similar undulations of watery surfaces, the corrosive process has been so extensive as to obfuscate and abstract those buried images.