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The Agency has three new albums to announce! The first is the debut of the Junkie Flamingos, a narcotic and occluded industrial trio featuring Luca Sigurtà, Alice Kundalini (She Spread Sorrow), and Daniele Delogu. This oblique, sidereal album takes inspiration from Holderlin’s Hyperion in a dark ambient nod to the slow motion, proto-techno torpor of Elettronica Meccanica that feels very much like the classic early ‘90s approach of Coil. We also have our first publication from Southern Californian interdisciplinary artist with his Desert Drone Cycle. This is a harrowing isolationist work paralleling that of Thomas Köner and Alan Lamb. And The Agency’s Jim Haynes presents his first album in over two years, with the rugged rhythmicist production of Inconsequential pressed by the Belgian imprint Audio Visuals Atmosphere.

Junkie Flamingos
Lemegeton Party // LP / Digital

release date : May 10, 2019

Cristopher Cichocki
Desert Drone Cycle // Cassette/ Digital

release date : May 10, 2019

Jim Haynes
Inconclusive // Cassette/ Digital

release date : May 10, 2019

Recently published:

Bloom Offering Episodes // LP / Digital
Bloom Offering is the synth-wave / blighted electronic project of Seattle’s Nicole Carr, who has steadily honed her abilities in sculpting sharply cold electronics and declarative vocals set upon propulsive spines of whipcrack snares and throttled kick drums. This refinement and culmination of those motifs emerges as a compulsive communion with bleak noise, dark-eyed melody, controlled rhythm, cathartic release and emotional drainage. For ancillary listening references, Chris & Cosey, Lebanon Hanover, DVA Damas, and the rhythmic facets of Janushoved might of use.

Ekin Fil
Maps // LP / Digital
Our fourth production with Ekin, Maps quietly continues her complex dream-pop compositions, following her very well received Ghosts Inside LP as well as the acclaimed soundtrack to Inflame. The saddest songs of The Durutti Column excised of rhythm and those few plunges into sorrow by Harold Budd make for apt comparisons to Maps, in addition to the drone-on classics of Grouper, Slowdive, and Sarah Davachi.

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
August 53rd // LP / Digital
Continuing their post-industrial dialectics through their "songs of enhanced decay and faked resurrection," the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project has been quietly producing such works since the '80s with a uniform brilliance in the exquisite reconstruction of exhumed cassette tapes and moldering 35mm film stock. August 53rd harbors the rich enigmas of distressed sound collages found in the work of likeminded artists such as Philip Jeck, Felicia Atkinson, and of course Fossil Aerosol's occasional collaborators :zoviet*france:.

Connector // Cassette / Digital
Stelzer/Murray is the duo of Brendan Murray and Howard Stelzer, two stalwarts of the Boston noise / experimental scene over the past two decades. Through destroyed tape and long-view compositional strategies, the two manifest an irradiated, almost Kirlian glow through Connector's slow accretions and erosions amidst the soaring crescendos of compacted tone and vacant shadows of mechanical thrum.

and later...

various On Corrosion

On tour and on display:

Bloom Offering
May 2, 2019 : Timbre Room // Seattle
May 10, 2019 : Kame House // Seattle
July 5, 2019 : Central Saloon // Seattle

Jim Haynes
May 15, 2019 : Terminal // Oakland

Cristopher Cichocki
February 15 - May 5, 2019 : Desert Sea // Cathedral City, California

Alice Kemp
April 26 -29, 2019 : Colour Out Of Space Festival // Brighton, UK

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