Jim Haynes
Electrical Injuries
LP Aussenraum


February 2018

Ethereal, suffering, unpredictable but also excruciating frequencies soon peep out in this issue by Jim Haynes for Aussenraum. Electrical Injuries is a composition divided into six different tracks which are packed with tangled textures, unhealthy atmospheres and corrupted sounds. These sound connections can be raw or sourcing out from well-defined manipulative interventions that show no real difference as to what is important for the author. What currently seems to be important for Haynes is to express the sound corruption without filters and formal embellishments which are more resolved, cruel and vibrant when compared to the past. Haynes has found his own way to win attention keeping high the climax of the narration and giving birth to harmonious repetitions, balanced derailment Electrical Injuriess with no excesses, thus always modelling the listening with penetrating and hypnotic vibrating waves. The inspiration can count on a lot of the typical stylistic choices of industrial noise even if the idea is that everything has already been heard and that the new potentially harmful electronic evolutions evoke an heartfelt urgency. Haynes, who lives in San Francisco and is still a multimedia installation artist, is pleased to remember that his passion to manipulate auditory captures often leads him to forget the transformative proceedings of those same elements. It is believed of course that it is necessary to use a large number of techniques and skills that in Electrical Injuries have a lot to do with other forms of consumption such as splits, breaks, oxidation, scrapes and decays which are well-organized parts with a precise collocation in the album. If in the real electrical wounds, the person becomes part of the circuit and the in and out electrical points are recognizable, here the vision is much more modulated, bearable, continuous and insistent and it hides much more subtle ways to hit the listeners’ sensitiveness. Finally it evokes a merely apparent damage that instead is new nourishment for our perceptive system which is always on the alert in the remodulation of sounds and information.