Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
The Recounting of Night Time
CD ADM 022

The Wire
December 2018

Many sound artists go to great lengths to weather their samples, adding grit and distance to make digital recordings seem like artfacts from elsewhere. For the past three decades, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project has been working with found fragments that come pre-seasoned – old reel-to-reels, abandoned VHS tapes, etc – forgotten soundtracks reconstructed into creaking, wheezing works of assemblage. According to the sleevenotes, The Recounting Of Night Time focuses mainly on sources culled from a "certain piece of German gothic cinema" from the late 1970s. The detuned violin that marks the album';s intro and outro makes me suspect Herzog's Nosferatu. Whatever the source material, it has been radically mutated by this shadowy collective. On "Passage", a looped foley snippet whooshes and murmurs like a beating heart found packed among the mouldering reels.— Emily Pothast