Wrack Light In Copper Ruin
     CD + DVD Seal Pool 2006, in collaboration with Keith Evans

Mud Wall

      first edition CD-R Mystery Sea 2003, limited to 100 copies
      second edition CD The Helen Scarsdale Agency 2004, limited to 400 copies
The Glass Sponge
      CD 23five, Incorporated 2003

The Chronograph
      CD Partition Records / The Helen Scarsdale Agency 2001
      limited edition to 500 copies with individually rusted covers

"Nerine Compass" compilation track for Fear Drop #11 2004


Untitled Coelacanth Performance #11, 2006
CCA, San Francisco, California
details: glass, pebbles, ice, metal
intended as an homage to Small Cruel Party

Untitled Coelacanth & Keith Evans Collaboration #2, 2006
Point Montara Lighthouse, Montara, California
February 4, 2006
details: lighthouse, pine needles, sand, metal wire, speaker constructions, wind, projection
Many thanks to Eilish Cullen for the invitation

Untitled Coelacanth & Keith Evans Collaboration #1
, 2005
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California
March 12, 2005
details: copper, film projections, strobe light, shortwave, projection
Many thanks to MC Schmidt for the invitation
images of this performance

Untitled Radio Broadcast #1,
KFJC 89.7, Los Altos, California
September 4, 2004
details: tape, shortwave, voice, rust, clocks, etc.
Many thanks to Nozmo King and the KFJC staff

Activating The Medium, 2004
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, California
February 20, 2004
details: Petterson Ultrasound Detector, glass piruettes, glass harmonica, broken safety glass, stoplight glass lenses, panes of glass, overhead projectors, sand, light, etc.
performed with Solid Eye and Thomas Dimuzio
images of this performance

WorkWorkWork, upon invitation to collaborate with Matmos, 2003
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California
details: Petterson Ultrasound Detector, tuning forks, metal, speaker construction, autoharp, guitar, shortwave, piano, lapsteel, lichen, rust, glass, brushes, bells, etc.
Many thanks to Drew Daniel and MC Schmidt for the invitation
images of this performance

2nd Annual Found Objects Festival, 2003
21 Grand, Oakland, California
details: various objects provided by the audience
performed with Big City Orchestra, Professor Cantaloupe, Hanuman Zhang, and Gene Ehrbar

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #10, 2003
The Luggage Store, San Francisco, California
details: tape, tape, and more tape
performed with Heimir Bjorgulffsson and Jonas Ohlsson

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #9
, 2002
964 Natoma, San Francisco, California
details: glass test tubes, glass mobiles hanging from the ceiling, an overhead projector with numerous lenses and textured sheets of glass
Many thanks to Aaron Ximm
images of this performance

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #8, 2001
Works San Jose, San Jose, California
details: toy motors, sand, an unknown mechanical device called the Electro-Cell manufactured by the Hill Cross corporation, crickets, feedback

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #7, 2001
The Luggage Store, San Francisco, California
details: walrus recordings, tuning forks, shortwave, contact microphone embedded in ice

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #6, 2001
Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, California
details: tuning forks, shortwave, bells,
performed with Troum

A Manger #2, 2000
143 Poplar, San Francisco, California
details: Christmas tree suspended upside down from the ceiling
Many thanks to Dianne Jones

Silent Night, Holy Noise, 2000
The Lab, San Francisco, California
details: copper box, safety glass box, burnt wood box, and tile box housing small instruments, bells, wind-up clocks, shortwave, metal

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #4
, 2000
Noe Valley Ministry, San Francisco, California
details: oscillating fans, branches, fabric
performed with Tribes Of Neurot and Tarentel
images of this performance

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #3, 2000
7hz, San Francisco, California
details: strobe lights, turntable, rust, shattered glass

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #2, 2000
ESP Gallery, San Francisco, California
details: long stringed instrument, turntable, bells, motors, junk

Untitled Coelacanth Performance #1, 1999
Four Walls Gallery, San Francisco, California
details: rust, strobe lights, copper, turntable
performed with Lesser