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Two new releases for the summer of 2015. Parapsychological inquiries from the Russian sci-fi technician Radioson, and an corroded and destroyed recording of cassettes being corroded and destroyed, released quite aptly on cassette!

радиосон // Cassette / Digital
release date : July 21, 2015

Richard Garet
60' Cassette // Cassette / Digital
release date : July 21, 2015

Recently published:

Jim Haynes// Scarlet // Cassette / Digital
Scarlet is the raw nerve album of electro-shock-acoustics, devised specifically for cassette release. "Rarely one meets an artist so coherent in churning out recordings that systematically challenge the listener to an authentic analysis of the self. At the margins of a cynical awareness of the infertility incidental to all theistic theories, Haynes points us to a severity of approach which takes into account just everything, from illusion to failure via a hypothetical heavenly truth. In actuality, he merely mashes the remnants of man-conceived cosmic bullshit to distill the essence of a genuine animist perception..." -- Massimo Ricci

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson // So Long // CD / Digital
Radiant dronework from Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, better known as half of Stilluppsteypa. "A gripping and intriguing journey, that rewards the more patient out there, with many a twist and turn for those with eager ears; to latch onto the minor nuances of sound that interrupt this subterranean behemoth of drone." -- Black Audio

Simon Whetham // From The Mouths Of Clay // Cassette / Digital
The globe-trotting Simon Whetham repurposed a set of ancient Columbian burial urns for the source material to this piece of chillingly beautiful dronecraft. The techniques were informed by the likes of Alvin Lucier, but the end result is much more Andrew Chalk and Alan Lamb in execution with the scarred minimalism taking shape through the material.

Taiga Remains // Works For Cassette // LP/ Digital
This is the final album from Alex Cobb's Taiga Remains project of eerie, luminous and beautiful drones and hypnosis. "Très beau disque de musique ambiante. Des drones denses et fluides, teintés de tristesse, un vague à l’âme bien dosé." -- Monsieur Delire

and later in 2015
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 LP
Grant Evans Brittle Cassette
Ave Adonai tba Cassette
BJ Nilsen tba Cassette / LP

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