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We are delighted to present the latest work from the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project -- a cabal of American audio-archeologists delving into the refuse of the late 20th century, concocting a mesmerizing body of the work that they describe as "enhanced decay and faked resurrection." On October 30, 2015, the Helen Scarsdale Agency will be releasing their first solo piece of vinyl -- The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971. The first 200 of these will have a piece of period-specific 35mm film mounted to the cover. We also present a cassette of organic noise demolition and decomposition from Grant Evans.

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 // LP
release date : October 30, 2015

Grany Evans
Brittle // Cassette / Digital
release date : October 30, 2015

Recently published:

Radioson //радиосон// Cassette / Digital
Disruptive interference, numbers station mechanization, various Russian military transmissions, and electrically charged currents of caustic drone are constructed from a position of clinical detachment over the psychic and physical detritus that spills forth in his homeland. The occasionally kosmiche turns for electronic sequencing are a unique take on the Schnitzler / Schulze strategies from the ’70s, though mapped out on antiquated Russian synthesizers, tape machines, and of course radios. 

Richard Garet //60' Cassette // Cassette / Digital
Crude electro-acoustic strategies are at work in this tape-on-tape monolith, where the murky surfaces are pricked and the bruises of multiple generations of recording are revealed. Rasping hiss, mud-gray compression, spluttering motors, rancorous textures of iron filing shards, flecked dried scabs, garbled noise, irradiated drones and thrumming bellows from the machine drown in heavy, elemental waveform crush. 

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson // So Long // CD / Digital
Radiant dronework from Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, better known as half of Stilluppsteypa. "A gripping and intriguing journey, that rewards the more patient out there, with many a twist and turn for those with eager ears; to latch onto the minor nuances of sound that interrupt this subterranean behemoth of drone." -- Black Audio

and later in 2016
Kate Carr It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors Cassette
Ave Adonai tba Cassette
Himukalt tba Cassette
BJ Nilsen tba Cassette / LP

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