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Our next publication is under production, slated for a release at the end of May 2014. This is the final album from Alex Cobb's Taiga Remains project of eerie, luminous and beautiful drones and hypnosis. We are now accepting pre-orders! Click on the image below.

Taiga Remains
Works for Cassette LP/ Digital
release date : May 27, 2014

Recently published:

RMillis // Relief // LP/ Digital
A hallucinatory collage work from Climax Golden Twin himself -- RMillis, whose other curatorial tasks have taking him to Sublime Frequencies and Dust-To-Digital. "As a whole, this one’s a musical tonic distilled from distant microphones, and Millis’ global adventures in esoterica. A stunning piece of work!" -- Vinyl Factory

The Slaves // What Are The Roots That Clutch // 2LP/ Digital
The Slaves -- the Portland, Oregon duo of Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper -- produce a radiant shoegazing heaviness has been favorably compared to Grouper, Barn Owl, Earth, and the like. It was in fact Barn Owl's Jon Porras who introduced us to The Slaves, and he was kind enough to wax poetic about the album.

later on...

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson So Long CD
Agnes tba LP

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