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The Agency is fully embarking on an ambitious year with two publications slated for release at the end of January. The first is a radiant dronework from Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson better known as half of Stilluppsteypa; and the second is a raw-nerve album of Jim Haynes' electro-shock-acoustics. Pre-orders are now underway!

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
So Long // Compact Disc / Digital
release date : January 27, 2015

Jim Haynes
So Long // Compact Disc / Digital
release date : January 27, 2015

Recently published:

Simon Whetham // From The Mouths Of Clay // Cassette / Digital
The globe-trotting Simon Whetham repurposed a set of ancient Columbian burial urns for the source material to this piece of chillingly beautiful dronecraft. The techniques were informed by the likes of Alvin Lucier, but the end result is much more Andrew Chalk and Alan Lamb in execution with the scarred minimalism taking shape through the material.

Taiga Remains // Works For Cassette // LP/ Digital
This is the final album from Alex Cobb's Taiga Remains project of eerie, luminous and beautiful drones and hypnosis. "Très beau disque de musique ambiante. Des drones denses et fluides, teintés de tristesse, un vague à l’âme bien dosé." -- Monsieur Delire

RMillis // Relief // LP/ Digital
A hallucinatory collage work from Climax Golden Twin himself -- RMillis, whose other curatorial tasks have taking him to Sublime Frequencies and Dust-To-Digital. "As a whole, this one’s a musical tonic distilled from distant microphones, and Millis’ global adventures in esoterica. A stunning piece of work!" -- Vinyl Factory

and later in 2015
Richard Garet 60’ Cassette Cassette
Radioson tba Cassette
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 LP
Ave Adonai tba Cassette
BJ Nilsen tba Cassette / LP

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