BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa
Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna
CD HMS 008

Musique Machine
by Roger Batty
January, 2007

Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna is the second collaboration between Swedish sound artist BJ Nilsen and Icelandic sound sculpture collective Stilluppsteypa. It offers up six tracks of grim and macabre scarped clean copse, industrial electronics mixed with psycho ambient traces, to an very unsettling effect.

From the first track "Svefnlaus," the curtains are tightly shut, the suns blacked out and you lowered into seething sewer of disturbed, sour and barren tones -that dont let you up for clean air or fresh light until the last track Skuggbild shudders out it's last death sound rattle. This is the audio equivalent of coming across a slack mouth corpse, or been awoken in a strange town deep in fog were there seemly not another human life, only strange scuttling noises and glimpse of deformed and dragging flesh. When I first heard this it brought to mind in atmosphere and execution Akira Yamaoka soundtrack for the first Silent Hill game - it really summons up the similar feeling of been lost in dread heavey corridors of ther game, unshaw what might sudden latch onto you out of the deep and damp darkness. Or been aware of someone staring at you from decaying window above, when you turn to look the curtain moves back in place. This is a slow unwinding world of chattering and shivering electronics, and decaying sound valleys of ominous terror.

A very satisfying and grim trip into dread laden harmonics and creeper out grisly thigh bone electronics. Idea for midnight walks or creeping ones self out.