CD HMS 017

Foxy Digitalis
February 2010

    Half of Ananta (the Sanskrit word for 'infinity') was originally released in 2006 via the Mystery Sea imprint. This "Mystery Sea Version" comprises the entirety of the second disc of this two-CD set. Hitoshi Kojo, the man behind the Spiracle moniker, professes to have made both this original version and the newer "Strato Version" (found on disc one) to "urge the listener toward a dreamless sleep-state." Constructed by applying field recordings and other sonic textures to drones created by a dilruba and a sarangi (two bowed Indian string instruments), both versions of "Ananta" are extended pieces that shimmer with a variety of hues, exciting the senses. The "Mystery Sea" version manages to capture the essence of the aquatic, its undulating waves of static approximating those of the sea. The ringing acoustic tones of the instruments consistently shine through the textured electronics, sending them away from the watery shoreline and toward the heavens. The sixty-plus minute epic is captivating, mesmerizing and exquisite. The "Strato Version" pares down the textures, allowing the instrumental drones to shine at the forefront. Subtle changes in tone color pique the interest as the piece slowly heads to outer space. This track too is perfect fodder for drone-heads everywhere. -- Bryon Hayes