irr. app. (ext.)

irr. app. (ext.) is the work of one M.S. Waldron, who was born in Toronto at the ruinous conclusion of the 1960s, where he spent the next couple of years in a warm puddle of his own creation. Approximately ten years later, he was relocated to California, joining a long list of invasive species that include the Eucalyptus, the Earwig, and the Pike. At the age of 18 he discovered the manifold joys of manipulating sound waves, irritating stupid people and sneezing - all three of these interests ultimately finding common expression in the project "irr. app. (ext.)", a name derived through the transliteration of a particularly satisfying sneeze experienced sometime around 1992. He has since had the privilege of basking in the creative light of entities such as Stilluppsteypa and Nurse With Wound, despite a shocking lack of education and a well-founded contempt for society.

HMS002 // Ozeanische Gef├╝hle // 2004

HMS007 // The Sleeping Moustache // 2006

HMS016 // Kreiselwelle // 2009