Recordings from The Helen Scarsdale Agency

HMS Late Fall 2021 Cassette Bundle

Jeff Surak All Those Born Must Die Cassette
RKFaulhaber Dugong Weeps Cassette
Hauras The Glare Of The Nave Cassette
Krovopuskanie Goner Cassette

Get all four of the latest releases from The Helen Scarsdale for $30.00 post paid in the US, or $45.00 post paid outside the US. This bundle package will only be made available until November 26, 2021. If you are interested in other titles (especially vinyl releases), please contact us for shipping costs, as the current shipping calculator is very blunt tool and not equipped for heavy lifting. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

HMS 063
Jeff Surak All Those Born Must Die Cassette $8.00

A fixture within the experimental community for many years, Jeff Surak presents his debut for The Helen Scarsdale Agency in All Those Born Must Die. On these radioactively unstable tracks, Surak's impetus is an electric Dada deconstruction on post-punk. Consider Conrad Schnitzler '80s constructs, Bruce Gilbert's divergent experimentation, those Tolerance records on Vanity, and then, John Cage's Imaginary Landscape for a proper amount of radiophonic patina... more

HMS 062
RKFaulhaber Dugong Weeps Cassette $8.00

A rare recording from the brilliant mind of RKFaulhaber, Dugong Weeps is marked by a mercurial liquidity and a science-fiction expressionism that engender very anthropomorphic responses to these radically reworked bits of coded tone, noise, and silence. Faulhaber's spatialization and polychromatic constellations recall the classic works from Francois Bayle or Bernard Parmegiani, but with an emphasis on the teethclinching frequencies and psychological disturbances from the Nurse With Wound / Hafler Trio axis of post-industrial collage... more

HMS 061
Hauras The Glare of the Nave Cassette $8.00

Hauras returns to the Helen Scarsdale Agency for a second missive of blurred and broken song. Ryan conjures his fragments of guitar, keys, scanner and voice as if they transmit from behind the radiator. His tone and dissonance appear amorphous at first, swollen with an emotional weariness; but through subtle variations on repetition, his songs dilate into existence. These remain adjacent to the rough-hewn smears of Michael Morley's Gate and the idiosyncrasies of Graham Lambkin... more

HMS 060
Krovopuskanie Goner Cassette $8.00

Bloodletting is how Krovopuskanie translates from Russian, the native tongue of the man behind this project of morose electronics and death-industrial gloom. Rumbling drones, static transmissions of synth noise, distant knockings in abandoned spaces, a lone drum machine, something growling, something lurking; all of these haunt the oppressive atmosphere to Krovopuskanie's debut for Helen Scarsdale. A grim, bleak, and often sad recording... more

HMS 050B
Kleistwahr Winter LP $18.00

Solemn drones and elegiac long-form passages gird Kleistwahr’s Winter, which often chimes, glistens, and glows through a unhurried constructs for organ, synth, guitar, and electronics, originally released as part of the On Corrosion boxset. Kleistwahr is the solo project of Gary Mundy, the legendary power electronic and noise-rock musician who is a founding member of Ramleh and runs the highly influential Broken Flag label... more

HMS 059
Himukalt Between My Teeth LP

Here stands the necessary reissue of Himukalt's 2018 Between My Teeth. Dark, psychosexual electronics and full-frontal noise have been the hallmarks of Himukalt's catalogue that parallels the extremist works of Genocide Organ and Atrax Morgue. Between My Teeth is a maelstrom of ill-tempered noise and blackened frequencies, sutured to a foundation of primitive, raw rhythms... more

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HMS 057
Francisco Meirino A New Instability LP $18.00

A New Instability is a variation on Francisco Meirino's Ina-GRM commission from 2019. Here, Meirino continues to amplify and refine his compositions that walk a fine tightrope between raw expressivity of brutalist noise and conceptual rigor of more academic pursuits. Such a work ranks him in with the likes of Zbigniew Karkowski, Dave Phillips, Puce Mary, and Illusion Of Safety... more

HMS 058
Vertonen Broken Air Cassette $7.00

It is electricity itself that becomes the primary medium for Blake Edwards (aka Vertonen) on Broken Air, as he extracts the errata from outdated and damaged equipment. A particular brand of radio interference leaps out of the stereo field at the onset of the album, interjecting its signal across smoldering noise from Edwards' electronic instability, starved of voltage or succumbing to old age, as a monochromatic dead-circuit tone flutters in various phased states as a gird to Edwards' investigations... more

HMS 054
Ekin Fil Coda LP $18.00

The Turkish drone-pop composer Ekin Fil (born Ekin Üzeltüzenci) has always exhibited a preternatural ability to express the saddest of emotions through sound. Once channeled through the lens of a gauzy shoegazing smear of guitars and voice, she has peeling away layers of her ephemeral songs to reveal their emotional core. That compositional process that works so well for her award winning film scores informs the soft-focus tenebrous pieces of her 2020 album Coda... more

HMS 053
Hauras In These Coming Days Cassette $7.00

Hauras is the newly christened project for Howard Ryan, an idiosyncratic San Francisco musician who had previously operated under the Snickers moniker. This new name Hauras translates from the Finnish as 'fragile,' and a certain fragility exists as a dialectic condition to Ryan's strange sounds. The argument could be made that Ryan is a deconstructionist of the archetypal 'rock' song, dissembling it into eerie echoes of guitar noise and narcoleptic vocals, something akin to Michael Morely's work as Gate or a particular vein within Richard Youngs' vast oeuvre (coincidentally, Ryan has collaborated with Youngs)... more

HMS 056
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project / 400 Lonely Things Nigths and Profecy Cassette $8.00

Zombies lurk throughout the post-industrial abstractions and radiantly murky collages of Nigths and Profecy - an 80 minute split release from Fossil Aerosol Mining Project and 400 Lonely Things. Recommended for fans of the hauntological electronics of :zoviet*france:, the caretaker, and even the sublime retrograde ambience from Boards of Canada. And yes, the misspelling in the title is very intentional... more

HMS 055
Robert Millis Related Ephemera LP - second pressing - $18.00

Back in print, September 10, 2021! The globe-trotting Robert Millis returns to Helen Scarsdale for this beautifully fragile album of dissolved glass rendered as a collage of recontextualized minimalism. Much of the construction of the rarified tones, crispy textures, ghostly rattles, and fluid resonance that ripples through all of Related Ephemera has its origins in the tactile nature of the vinyl medium. Akin to Nurse With Wound's Soliloquy For Lilith, Philip Jeck's more languid collages, and even some of Harry Bertoia's sculptural atmospherics... more

ADM 023
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project Scaath Catfish Special Edition CD sold out / Regular Edition CD $13.00

Sibilant mutations from Fossil Aerosol's multiple sources (field recordings, found sounds, etc.) spill forth as dilated tones, mesmerizing echos, clattering loops, and harmonic distortions. Floods of dense sonic accretion give way to languid mirages with human intervention complicating matters. Fossil Aerosol gives a preternatural language to the river, one that parallels their occasional collaborators in :zoviet*france: as well as the environmental ruminations of Biospshere and the practitioners of power ambient (Rafael Anton Irisarri, Fennesz, Tim Hecker, etc.)... more.

HMS 052
Cristopher Cichocki Desert Drone Cycle Cassette

Cristopher Cichocki is an interdisciplinary artist from the Coachella Valley, with an extensive body of work that examines transmorphic cycles of decay and renewal. Desert Drone Cycle highlights the complexities around land use management when humanity encroaches upon sensitive environments, standing as a harrowing document of isolationist composition paralleling that of Thomas Köner, Deathprod, Alan Lamb, and BJ Nilsen... more

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HMS 051
Junkie Flamingos Lemegeton Party LP $19.00

Lemegeton Party is the narcotic and occluded industrial-ambient debut for the Junkie Flamingos, a project conceived in 2017 by Alice Kundalini (She Spreads Sorrow), Luca Sigurtà, and Daniele Delogu. Kundalini's signature whispered incantations address the diabolical and the divine along a cold rhythmic spine of drum machines and cybernetic sequences, laden with acoustic instrumentation. To think of Coil's post-MDMA experiments in chill-out isolationism wouldn't be far from the mark... more

HMS 050
various On Corrosion 10 Cassette Boxset

On Corrosion is a 10 cassette anthology housed in a handcrafted wooden box and featuring: Kleistwahr, Neutral, Pinkcourtesyphone, Alice Kemp, She Spread Sorrow, G*Park, Relay For Death, Francisco Meirino, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, and Himukalt. The collection stands as the 50th release for The Helen Scarsdale Agency, plunging through the depths of post-industrial research, recombinant noise, surrealist demolition, and existential vacancy... more.

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HMS 049
Bloom Offering Episodes LP $18.00

Bloom Offering is the synth-wave / blighted electronic project of Seattle's Nicole Carr, conjuring her debut LP Episodes for The Helen Scarsdale Agency. Carr has steadily honed her abilities in sculpting sharply cold electronics and declarative vocals set upon propulsive spines of whipcrack snares and throttled kick drums. Episodes strikes us as the refinement and culmination of those motifs into a compulsive communion with bleak noise, dark-eyed melody, controlled rhythm, cathartic release and emotional drainage... more

ADM 022
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project The Recounting Of Night Time CD $13.00

Culling snippets of audio found from abandoned drive-in theaters, mangled VHS tapes, and discarded cassettes, the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project studiously pieces together empathic, haunted abstractions of their original source material. It makes for a beautifully corroded smear of sound, recalling William Basinski and zoviet*france:. more

HMS 048
Ekin Fil Maps LP $18.00

With each successive album, Ekin Fil's songwriting has blossomed through broader instrumentation and more intricate melodic phrasing, though the somber atmospherics and ghostly manifestations remain a judicious constant. Minor-key, tear-stained notes of piano, organ, and guitar veer along elliptical orbits as a soft-whisper lilt of Ekin's voice narrates more by emotive decree than by literary couplet... more

HMS 047
Fosil Sangiran Pasar Fosil Cassette
From the archives of Matt Shoemaker

Fosil Sangiran is the pseudonym for Seattle polymath Matt Shoemaker (1974-2017). Pasar Fosil is classic Shoemaker. At the core to this album is an ur-drone sculpted from electro-acoustics, analog synthesis, and most probably a radically altered field recording here or there. All of these accretions of sustained tone organize themselves with a rhizomatic logic of recombinant twists, folds, and mutations.. more

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HMS 046
Fosil Sangiran Khayal Kuno Cassette
From the archives of Matt Shoemaker

Fosil Sangiran is the pseudonym for Seattle polymath Matt Shoemaker (1974-2017). Khayal Kuno represents one of several detours that Shoemaker undertook over his career. Instead of the long-now drone mutations, Shoemaker turns his attention to an interplay between warbling cassettes and primitive rhythm-box sequencing. His motorik pulsations recall a rich if elusive vein of taut, industrially minded electronica sculpted by Monoton, Nord, Omit, and Conrad Schnitzler at his most laser focused... more

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HMS 043
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project August 53rd LP $19.00

The Fossil Aerosol Mining Project continues their post-industrial dialectics through their "songs of enhanced decay and faked resurrection." This cryptic ensemble from the American Midwest has been quietly producing such works since the '80s with a uniform brilliance in the exquisite reconstruction of exhumed cassette tapes and moldering 35mm film stock. August 53rd harbors the rich enigmas of distressed sound collages found in the work of likeminded artists such as Philip Jeck, Felicia Atkinson, and of course Fossil Aerosol's occasional collaborators :zoviet*france:... more

Stelzer/Murray HMS 045
Stelzer/Murray Connector Cassette

Stelzer/Murray is the duo of Brendan Murray and Howard Stelzer, two stalwarts of the Boston noise / experimental scene over the past two decades. Through destroyed tape and long-view compositional strategies, the two manifest an irradiated, almost Kirlian glow through Connector's slow accretions and erosions amidst the soaring crescendos of compacted tone and vacant shadows of mechanical thrum... more

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HMS 044
Ekin Fil Inflame OST Cassette

Istanbul's drone-pop producer Ekin Fil turns her sites to the big screen for the first soundtrack in her impressive catalogue of recordings. Less informed by the retro-garde aesthetics of Carpenter and Argento, the spectral electronics of Inflame's soundtack finds its neighbors in the skeletal sprawl of Raime and the darker ambient propositions sponsored by Posh Isolation... more

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Fossil Aerosol Mining Project ADM 020
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project The Unlistening Place CD $13.00

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project are an enigmatic lot, comprised of sonic archeologists residing the American Midwest. Their work spans several decades and is almost always in flux through the variable states of contextual re-investigation and technological degradation. Aesthetically, FAMP align with the post-industrial research of :zoviet*france:, Cranioclast and Robert Turman. Mildew damaged tape loops, ghostly time-lag accumulation and the excavation of mediated sound from suburbia's failures are key components to the Fossil Aerosol's working process... more

Ekin Fil HMS 042
Ekin Fil Ghosts Inside LP

Ekin Fil is the acclaimed drone-pop chanteuse working with the sparest of materials in her ethereal, shoegaze deconstructions. Ghosts Inside stands as her most arresting recordings to date, written during a period of personal despair with an oblique poetry of sadness cascading through the songs. It's an introspective sound, completely turned in on itself and tuning out the socio-political tumult of her native home in Istanbul. In confronting psychic distress, heartache and depression... more

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Kate Carr HMS 041
Kate Carr The Story Surrounds Us Cassette

Australian Kate Carr melds the exquisite details of her field recordings with an ephemeral approach to the song. Emblematic of her work is a gentle dislocation between the environmental sounds and her drone-dub ellipses of somnambulant melody. Look to Carla dal Forno, Alan Lamb and those moments of clarity in the shapeshifting ethos from Jewelled Antler for neighboring sounds to Carr's chimerical compositions... more

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Jim Haynes HMS 040
Jim Haynes Throttle & Calibration Cassette

Throttle and Calibration finds Jim Haynes digging through the Active Crossover archive of field recordings from Soviet ruins in Estonia and grotesquely exaggerating the details into exploded compositions of volatile dynamics, nerve-exposed dissonance, caustic shortwave signal abuse, and a considerable amount of scarred metal. Marked as one of the more discordant works to date in Haynes' career, Throttle and Calibration finds company near the atonal compositions from Hermann Nitsch and the sour, industrial collages that pock the Nurse With Wound catalogue... more

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Relay For Death HMS 039
Relay For Death Natural Incapacity 2CD

Relay For Death are the twin sisters Rachal and Roxann Spikula, whose noise mantras transcribe the harsh realities of urban blight that complicate and threaten their own survival. Their industrial meditation recognizes abjection, horror, and defeat as the prevalent conditions to existence. Even as a declared rejection to those conditions, Natural Incapacity is engulfed in a bleak nihilism constantly churning back upon itself. Grizzled antecedents can be found in the apocalyptic works of Maurizio Bianchi, Kevin Drumm's Imperial Distortion, and Organum's Vacant Lights... more

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Ekin Fil HMS 038
Ekin Fil Being Near LP $18.00

Born Ekin Üzeltüzenci and based in her native Istanbul, she cites the shoegazing classics (Cocteau Twins, Cranes, Slowdive, etc.) as her earliest influence, seeking out worn issues of Melody Maker or NME from second hand shops and trading cassettes with friends and fellow enthusiasts. This Proustian obsession with rainsoaked melodies from the British Isles blossomed into a foundation for her own art. Being Near aches with beautiful and elegantly simple arrangements for guitar and electronics saturated in cavernous amounts of reverb, whose semi-mystical blur extends well into the vocal melodies... more

Francisco Meirino HMS 037
Francisco Meirino Surrender, Render, End CD

First and foremost, Surrender, Render, End is an electro-acoustic dialectic, unremittingly engaged in a pugilist conflict between art and accident.The Swiss noise-composer Francisco Meirino posits the album as a metaphysical puzzle of manipulated tape, atonal synthesis, and concrete sound. He is quick to point out that these are more than field recordings, better stated as an extreme amplification of natural phenomena. Think Luc Ferrari, Peter Tscherkassky, and the aktions of the Schimpfluch-Gruppe... more

sold out

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project ADM 019
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project Revisionist History CD+DL

In the observation of three decades of obscure, faked resurrection, we are pleased to announce the release of Fossil Aerosol Mining Project's Revisionist History. The recordings on this album are hybrids, created by the grafting of old artifacts onto new material using recently devised studio processes. New sounds of the past, articulated through the devices of an unimagined future... more

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Himukalt HMS 036
Himukalt Conditions Of Acrimony Cassette

This prolonged electrical cramp marks the first published recording of Himukalt aka Ester Kärkkäinen. Her work is exhaustive, claustrophobic, and cryptic, with these lacerated (de)compositions address collapsed psychological states that dislocate the body, the self, and the spirit into horror, fear, doubt, hostility. Such have marked the acme for the most virulent strains of power electronics and industrial decay (e.g. Puce Mary, Anenzephalia, Maurizio Bianchi, Maria Zerfall, etc.)... more

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Kate Carr HMS 035
Kate Carr It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors Cassette

The field recordist and lucid-dream composer Kate Carr conjures a liminal art, seeking to articulate the remembrances, the concrete fact, and the deliberate exaggerations of detail, all in the pursuit of addressing the human interaction with the environment. This album from Carr intertwines the lugubrious wash of environmental detail with the dissolved songwriting described in the distant past as 'rural psychedelia' rendering an aesthetic in the orbit of :zoviet*france: or as the dub of a dub of a dub abstractions from Dome... more

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Grant Evans HMS 034
Grant Evans Brittle Cassette

Beacons of monochord guitar. Radiant dispersions of glare and trill. Compacted bowed metal resonance. Interstitial ecological sounds from water, bird, and tree. Exhumed cassette minimalism. Such is the vivid unfurling of Brittle -- a meticulous and wondrous bricolage of the exploded organic. Parallels to be found in Chalk, Organum,Toniutti, and Grzinich. Grant Evans hails from the northeast corner of Georgia, from where he has produced an impressive array of works under various aliases and in collaboration with his wife Rachel... more

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Fossil Aerosol Mining Project HMS 033
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 LP $18.00

Over the years, the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project has collaborated with :zoviet*france: -- the semi-anonymous cabal of pseudo-ethnomusicologists into our pre-apocalyptic past that could easily be seen as Fossil Aerosol's British counterpart. With The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971, the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project reconstitutes dissociated fragments from nearly-lost genre films of the 1970s, filtered by scratched celluloid, bad splices, dropouts, and damaged control tracks... more

Radioson HMS 032
Radioson радиосон Cassette

Electrically charged currents of caustic drone from Radioson, a project operated by the same Russian engineer behind Five Elements Muisc and Exit In Grey. The sound harken from a position of clinical detachment over the psychic and physical detritus that spills forth in his homeland. The occasionally kosmiche turns for electronic sequencing are a unique take on the Schnitzler / Schulze strategies from the '70s, though mapped out on antiquated Russian synthesizers, tape machines, and of course radios. But the exhumation of things past and the parapsychological aesthetics parallel the best work of Andrew Lagowski's S.E.T.I. and Schloss Tegal... more

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Richard Garet HMS 031
Richard Garet 60' Minute Cassette Cassette

Crude electro-acoustic strategies are at work in the tape-on-tape monolith that is Richard Garet's 60' Cassette, with the artist declaring his intentions as such: "100% treated audio cassette material. some blank. some erased. some demagnetized. etc." The conceptualization of this work as a reframing of one particular medium through its applied / accelerated disintegration is only the album's beginning... more

sold out

Jim Haynes HMS 030
Jim Haynes Scarlet Cassette

The analog tone generation and shambolic futurism harken to an earlier era of industrial immolation on Scarlet, with Haynes' echolalia of Le Syndicat, Mika Vainio, and Martin Rev stridently tracing and electrically bleaching the forms of those antecedents without the benefit of drum machine, sequencer, and whatnot. Bruitisme, indeed... more

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Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson HMS 027
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson So Long CD $13.00

So Long quietly simmered in his head of the Icelandic artist Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, best known for his electro-surrealism in Stilluppsteypa; and with the completion of this album, we now have a sublime gesture of polar impressionism flecked with hallucinatory ambience, Vaseline-smeared crackle, and hauntological displacement... more

Simon Whetham HMS 029
Simon Whetham From The Mouths Of Clay Cassette

Following on from a 'recreation' of “I am Sitting in a Room”, British sound-artist Simon Whetham applied this technique to a selection of 3 prehispanic burial urns and 3 examples of more recent variations on this theme. The internal resonances were captured and then played back inside the urns utilising small speakers, or through them using transducers, the process repeated to uncover tones held within the clay and the space within... more

sold out

Taiga Remains HMS 026
Taiga Remains Works for Cassette LP $18.00

Here be the final drone / hypnogogic statement from Taiga Remains. The man behind Taiga Remains has now shelved this moniker; but he's far from hanging up his hat, as he now works under his given name Alex Cobb -- also known as the philosopher king who benevolently reigns over his Students Of Decay. There are those at the Agency who can claim to speak with the poetics of corrosion, and we have long admired the sympathetic aesthetic in Cobb's gorgeously elegant compositions for guitar, bells, tape hiss, and whatnot... more

Robert Millis HMS 025
R Millis Relief LP

Our man Millis is a Climax Golden Twin and a noted curator of globe trotting / time traveling esoterica, amongst other accolades. A fever dream of blurred harmonics and ethnomusicological spelunking, Relief is a polyglot raga-drone of daytime somnambulism and psychedelic slipperiness that speaks to the uneasy borders at psychological, cultural, and geophysical states of being... more

sold out

The Slaves HMS 023
The Slaves Ocean On Ocean 2LP $22.00

The luminous sound of The Slaves made evident on their double LP opus Oceans On Oceans of radiant shoegazing heaviness that have earned them numerous comparisons to Earth, Slowdive, Grouper, and Barn Owl, whose Jon Porras opined on this album: "Hovering above the weighted disposition of Doom and below the consolation of Shoegaze, the duo transmit a burdened grace that unfolds like a radiant mammal writhing in black water..." more

Murmer HMS 022
Murmer What Are The Roots That Clutch CD $10.00

Patrick McGinley aka Murmer overlaps and crosshatches his field recordings and abstractions into acousmatic passages with ghostly, half-melodic qualities. McGinley's composed pieces embrace lithe, mysterious drones whose mossy, damp atmosphere perfectly situate with tactile crunches, tactile events, and signal noise generation. Eels and leaches would not be out of place in such an environment; but the subaquatic murk snaps into a hallowed manifestation of ritualized minimalism at the album's finale -- one that LaMonte Young and Angus Maclise might have conjured in 1968 with clattering percussive elements and a hypnotic blur of harmonic drone... more

Jim Haynes HMS 021
Jim Haynes The Decline Effect 2LP $20.00

Parapsychology introduced the notion of the decline effect as a statistical phenomenon of diminishing results whilst investigating extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis. This ontological disappearing act stands in allegorical parallel to the entropic art of Jim Haynes and frames his 2011 opus of the corroded drone and a compacted disintegration of sound. On The Decline Effect, Haynes' broken minimalism orbits somewhere near the work Joe Colley, The Hafler Trio, and Tim Hecker... more

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppstepa HMS 020
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppstepa Big Shadow Montana LP $18.00

The fourth brilliant collaboration for Helen Scarsdale between BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteupe, Big Shadow Montana cycles through several sonic themes and leitmotifs, displayed in varying states of clarity... as if it were the aftermath from a protracted bout of metaphysical channel surfing. Flickered impressions flash in conjunction with Breton's manifesto of Surrealism in the form of the memories from happily drunk escapades in the heart of winter, the sidereal spells cast by the innerspace travelers Klaus Schulze and Coil... more

RV Paintings HMS 019
RV Paintings Samoa Highway LP $15.00

Brothers Jon and Bryan Pyle are RV Paintings. The latter known best for his ongoing work as Ensemble Economique and his mythic presence in the Starving Weirdos. Here, the brothers seem to be plugging their guitars and electronics directly into the moss, soil, and mycelia of the Humboldt forest. Echo-soaked flutes, maudlin strings, scabrous noises unearthed from the bottom of the Pacific, and a cinematic arcs of guitar shimmer complete the beautiful and haunted miasma of Samoa Highway that falls somewhere between Taj Mahal Travellers, Organum, and The Caretaker... more

M. Holterbach & Julia Eckhardt HMS 018
M. Holterbach & Julia Eckhardt Do Undo (in G Maze) CD

Belgian composer Julia Eckhardt has been building an archive of recordings, comprised of long-form viola pieces played exclusively in G. Her recordings seek the rich if occasionally dissonant overtones that have been central to the minimalist works of Tony Conrad, Phill Niblock, Eliane Radigue, and Ellen Fullman. And in his reconstitution of her recordings, French sound-artist Manu Holterbach populates his compositions with field recordings whose turbulent textures and bristling movements sympathetically weave amidst the rasping drones from the viola. more

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Spiracle HMS 017
Spiracle Ananta 2CD $15.00

In constructing the two variations of Ananta, Hitosji Kojo (aka Spiracle) began with finely tuned drones extracted from a Dilruba and a Sarangi, and applied a process of merging sympathetic field recordings and other tonal interferences alongside those instrumental sounds. The resulting pieces are elliptically static drone compositions that brightly shimmer with hues of gold, crimson, and aquamarine following the tradition of the Roland Kayn, Yoshi Wada, and Charlemagne Palestine in constructing pieces which require endurance... more

irr. app. (ext.) HMS 016
irr. app. (ext.) Kreiselwelle CD $10.00

irr. app. (ext.) is piloted by one M.S. Waldron, whose liminal slippages and detourned croons are featured within the recent incarnations of Nurse With Wound. Kreiselwelle is the third and final installment to a body of works that irr. app. (ext.) has composed under the influence of Wilhelm Reich. The resulting recording develops as an organic sublimation of one sound transforming from one state into another and then another... more

Matt Shoemaker HMS 015
Matt Shoemaker Erosion of the Analogous Eye CD

For Erosion of the Analogous Eye, Matt Shoemaker waves his hands about his laboratory to construct an ever-evolving album for mutant dronemuzik. His electrical seas of synthetic bristling undulate with placid regularity, only to find Shoemaker contorting these brain-melting psychedelics into cancerous, atonal bellows. Out of his allotropic shifts, one can find swells of irradiated static transform into the graceful chime of temple bells; and electrical phase patterns slip into deep forest murmurings dotted with narcoleptic birds calls. A brilliant album, prescient of the revival for progressive electronics currently underway in the flood of US post-noise projects.... more

sold out

Loren Chasse & Michael Northam HMS 014
Loren Chasse & Michael Northam The Otolith CD $10.00

The recordings of Loren Chasse and Michael Northam begin and end with the great outdoors. Yet, the well-documented wanderlust of these two kindred sound artists is only part of the equation. Field recordings of wind, water, and stone intertwine and hybridize within private rituals of droning psychedelic ragas that return as a folklore reiterating the mystery of the natural world around us. The Otolith speaks as a bramble of fence wire and chaparral scrub oak, acquiring an unkempt collection of rubbish, cobwebs, insects, and soil within its tangle... more

sold out

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa HMS 013
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa Passing Out CD

The Nordic sound artists BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa have authored the last component to a trilogy of isolationist compositions for barren field recordings and lumbering electric drones, thematically linked in the psychotropic effects of alcohol. Passing Out is a crepuscular recording, with the flickering of twilight further dimmed by the distant Arctic sun in wintertime and the blackened numbness of too much drink. With one singular track that spans 60 minutes, a nearly constant thrum and rumble of monochromatic low frequencies casts a grim pall upon the precisely dialed-in modulations and vibrations... more

sold out

Omit HMS 012
Omit Interceptor 2CD $14.00

Omit is the nom de plume for Clinton Williams, an electronic musician who has been quietly toiling in New Zealand for a good portion of the past two decades around NZ free noise community. However, Omit's home-spun constructs widely detour as an unwieldy mousetrap of tape-loops, modular electronics, anddrum machines.  Interceptor is the result of an experiment whereby Williams worked with a portable studio in building this life-support system grid of overlapping, phase-shifted blip and click. An undertow of hypnotic tonalities pulls those rhythms towards a crepuscular gloom. Orbiting the likes of Mika Vainio, Klaus Schulze, and Chris Carter... more

Murmer HMS 011
Murmer We Share A Shadow CD $10.00

Murmer is the pseudonym for Patrick McGinley, a man with several passports which have taken him to many a foreign land in search of found sounds of the unsettled, the forgotten, the mysterious, and the beautiful. We Share A Shadow spirals his manipulated field recordings as a slow revelation of the environmental sonorities that undeservedly go unnoticed each and every day... more

Matt Shoemaker HMS 010
Matt Shoemaker Spots In The Sun CD

Matt Shoemaker's Spots in the Sun is a grotesque, sonic landscape with details exaggerated out of proportion and narratives folded upon themselves in a magnificent abstraction of electro-acoustics, rarified field recordings, and particulate matter plucked from ether.

In light of the death of Matt Shoemaker, The second edition of Spots in the Sun is available at no cost. Customers merely have to pay for shipping on this item, or it will be shipped free of charge when bundled with other titles... more


Jim Haynes HMS 009
Jim Haynes Telegraphy By The Sea CD

Haynes has forged this album of mangled field recordings and droning techniques perched at the allegorical intersection of electromagnetic landscapes and meteorological phenomena. Here, it is not uncommon to find exasperated blasts of air bellowing in harmony with a swarm of mechanical locusts and a tumbling landslide of jagged rock. If comparisons must be made, perhaps Telegraphy By The Sea parallels William Basinski at his most fortified or The Hafler Trio at his least arcane.... more

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BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa HMS 008
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa Drykkjuvísur Óhljódanna CD $10.00

Clattering electronics scurry across the barren sounds like death-watch beetles upon the tundra; and creaking doors offer something much more foreboding than what Pierre Henry envisioned for musique concrete. Drykkjuvísur Óhljódanna adheres to the psychological dis-quiet through sound design that Alan Splet provided for Eraserhead or that Nurse With Wound achieved on Salt Marie Celeste. Yet for all of their tendencies for brooding and desolation, BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa retain a compulsion for a glacial beauty through their intoxicated visions of the sublime... more

M.S. Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes, and R.K. Faulhaber T HMS 007
M.S. Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Jim Haynes, and R.K. Faulhaber The Sleeping Moustache CD $10.00

An epiphany of controlled disorder, a convulsion of beauty, a cascade of thought from delirious minds, The Sleeping Moustache is an exquisite manifestation of sound poetry scattered into a tortuous collage mired in an oblique melancholy. Magnetic tones extracted from the ether, mechanical sounds smeared into a lugubrious growls, horns trumpeting straight out of John's Book of Revelation, ululations sliced into information overload that Schwitters himself would be proud of... more

Spoonbender 1.1.1 HMS 006
Spoonbender 1.1.1 Stereo Telepathy Academy CD $10.00

"…governed by chance operations and the 'third mind' technique. Spoken text was taken from one film, overlayed onto images from another film, and the score was composed while viewing a third (and secret) film source. The synchronistic results appear to be intentional." Spoonbender 1.1.1's collision of artforms mirror that of William S. Burroughs / Brion Gyson classic The Third Mind. Spoonbender 1.1.1 radiate an inverted telekinetic minimalism of undulating tones buttressing spoken text from Cronenberg's Stereo, a faux-documentary detailing a surgical procedure for the advancement of telepathic communication... more

Omit HMS 005
Omit Tracer 2CD

As with the previous work from New Zealand's Omit for Corpus Hermeticum and Anomalous, Tracer is an antiquated behemoth, constructed from analogue synthesizers, primitive drum machines, homespun electronics, and numerous effects pedals. Simple wooden rhythms trot, trudge, and even glide along taut metric grids hotwired with bursts of mechanical splutter...more

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BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa HMS 004
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa Víkinga Brennivín CD $10.00

The first outing between BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa results an existentialist allegory in which the three drunkenly stumble out in a Scandinavian winter night and spiral toward the inevitable point in which they blackout. Lest this be construed as a derelict piece of method acting, the craft that Nilsen, Sigmarsson, and Thorsson brought to Vikinga Brennivin is impeccable, as the extended soundfields breath with the majesty of distant fog horns and sparkle with the delicate light of countless stars cast down from the black heavens onto the frozen tundra below. Frightening and barren... more


HMS 003
Coelacanth Mud Wall CD

As Coelacanth, Loren Chasse and Jim Haynes operate the tools of an imagined science to explore the various possibilities for sound to originate from traditionally non-musical materials. Alchemy, as a systematic if impossible attempt to transform base metals into noble ones, is an adequate parallel to Coelacanth's arena of research. Chasse and Haynes encourage sympathetic relationships between carefully chosen materials and sounds, and push them in ways that they might transcend their purposefulness.... more

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irr. app. (ext.) HMS 002
irr. app. (ext.) Ozeanische Gefühle CD $10.00

irr. app. (ext) is the work of sound artist Matt Waldron, whose collected body of work is far too important to continue to be forgotten. Following Dust Pincher Appliances (2003 on Crouton) and An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured; Tissue Expanding in Conversation (1997 on Fire, Inc.), Ozeanische Gefühle stands as an impeccable composition of post-surrealist dronescaping rivaling such masterpieces as The Hafler Trio's Kill The King, Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Chalk's Sumac, and Nurse With Wound's Soliloquy For Lilith... more

Jim Haynes HMS 001
Jim Haynes Magentic North CD

Enter Jim Haynes. In a field crowded with laptop jockeys and people in love with their DSP factories, his music has a refreshingly handmade, approachable feel. In a subgenre (one without a good name) full of field recordings and drones that border on New Age saccharine and sound as if they were untouched by a human hand, Magnetic North is rough and full of character...  more

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Coelacanth HMS 000 / P|1
Coelacanth The Chronograph CD

The Chronograph is the debut release from Coelacanth. The album opens with an lengthy passage of creakingly creepy submariner ambience as if the oxidization process itself had been amplified within the realm of the audible. Spiked electrical surges and controlled feedback oscillations build the intensity of the album, until Coelacanth unleashes their symphony of tiny whirring machines, gritty textual striations, and clattering pulsations. The Chronograph then descends into a blissful tone float of dense bell reverberations and oceanic washes of shortwave... more

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Coelacanth & Keith Evans Coelacanth & Keith Evans Wrack Light In CopperRuin CD+DVD $10.00

Like an abandoned aquarium in which an accidental and incongruous microcosm takes hape, Coelacanth's sound illustrates a constant evolution of decay, encroachment, and repossession of the border space between the natural and the man-made. With Wrack Light In Copper Ruin, Coelacanth also meditates on the space of performance, the tactile nature of the creation of sound, and its ephemeral, elusive and entirely subjective character. The visuals of Keith Evans further the exploration with their organic, nocturnal energy... more

John Duncan & CM von Hausswolff Our Telluric Conversation CD $12.00

Our Telluric Conversation is the second collaborative album from John Duncan and Carl Michael von Hausswolff. The tools that the two employed for Our Telluric Conversation are common to their respective catalogues of recordings, with Duncan bringing his shortwave, data streams, and uncanny use of the human voice while Hausswolff employed oscillators, sonar, and wire tapping microphones... more

G*Park Sub 2CD $12.00

The most enigmatic of the Schimpfluch-Gruppe, Marc Zeier in the man behind G*Park; and here, he presents his first major album since the acclaimed 2008 album of cryptic electro-acoustics entitled Reuters. Many years in the making, Sub is a sprawling masterpiece of modern day musique concrete, reflecting the early pioneers' use of razor cut tape with a grandiose revelation of an existential horror... more

Jim Haynes Electrical Injuries LP $10.00

REDUCED PRICE! These are slightly damaged versions of the LP. If you are concerned about slightly dinged corners, do not order this. "Jim Haynes' latest LP is the kind of noise record that everyone ought to hear — maybe 'noise' isn't even the right word for it. It is delicate and subtle in ways that most 'noise music' is not; listening to it feels like holding communion with malfunctioning electronics. Despite the occasional harsh bit, this record is very easy to listen to (for me, at least), and remarkably beautiful at times." - Chris Zaldua / The Medium... more