Kate Carr

Kate Carr's creative practice is centred on articulating the relationship between people and place through sound. Drawing on field recording, experimental composition, sonic mapping and listening and soundscape workshops, her practices aim to examine the ways we shape and are shaped by the lived sonic realities of our natural and built worlds. Weaving together real and imaginary journeys, intensive explorations of sonic enclaves and re-deploying the scientific concept of transects to the realm of sound, my practice explores both human and natural geographies. She is particularly interested in processes of de-population, decay and renewal, lost sounds, and the role of the aural in storytelling and memory. Exploration and emotional mapping being central themes to her work.

Carr has participated in numerous exhibitions, residencies, and festivals around the globe. She also curates the Flaming Pines series centered on sound ecology, memory, and obscure locales.


HMS041 // The Story Surrounds Us // 2017

HMS035 // It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors // 2016