RV Paintings

RV Paintings were born in California. Humboldt County, to be exact. It is nearly impossible to imagine their origins being elsewhere since the brothers Brian and Jon Pyle, who currently pilot RV Paintings, constantly mine the metaphysical properties of their homeland through a heavy-lidded psychedelia. The redwood trees that majestically rise from the rugged terrain may have been one of the endemic objects that inspired RV Paintings to "jam nature;" but Humboldt County's other major cash crop -- marijuana -- cannot be far behind. As much as the Pyle brothers channel a psychotropic animism through sound, their diaphanous drones and foggy ambient tangles spring from a schematic intelligence that belies any method acting of getting stoned and jamming in a room.

Brian Pyle is the wandering soul behind Ensemble Economique and began his career within the freeform collective Starving Weirdos. Jon has recorded in Nudge with Brian Foote and Honey Owens. RV Paintings has published work elsewhere through Root Strata and Blackest Rainbow.


HMS019 // Samoa Highway // 2010