The Slaves

The Slaves are Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper, who hail from Portland, Oregon. This compelling duo craft a luscious haze of droning, psychedelic and haunting ambient pop soundscapes. Waves of warm, spectral synth, processed guitars and electronics perfectly layered with Barbara's pure, ethereal tones to almost spiritual effect. Pure and beautiful yet somber and melancholic, reminiscent of rich 4AD atmospheres, the misty lakeside mornings of Twin Peaks, and the contemporary ambience of Grouper and Barn Owl. Both Kinzle and Cooper have collaborated in the multi-media project The Oregon Painting Society; and the two have their fingers in numerous sound, visual, cinema, sculptural, and mult-media projects. As The Slaves, they have released other works on Digitalis, Paradigms, and Wise Blood Media.

HMS023 // Ocean On Ocean // 2012