Taiga Remains

Alex Cobb has been producing ambient, minimalism, and drone music under his own name or as Taiga Remains since the early aughts. His output has been released on labels such as Root Strata, Digitalis, Not Not Fun, Blackest Rainbow and Shelter Press, among others. Cobb works primarily with guitar, tapes, and rudimentary processing to create rich, long-form compositions that prioritize abstraction, absence, nostalgia and mystery. In addition to producing his own work, Cobb owns and operates the Students of Decay imprint, which has been a clearing house of drone, sound art, and minimalism since 2005.

Works For Cassette was the final document for Cobb's project Taiga Remains, published in 2014 through the Helen Scarsdale Agency.


HMS026 //Works For Cassette // 2014