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Jim Haynes The Decline Effect

by Doug Mosurock

Still Single, July 2012

Picture your body floating miles below the ocean surface, in an enormous, sunken hull, the pressure of the water coupled with the vastness of the deep. You've just entered this masterful drone/dark ambient work by sound artist Haynes. His motto is apparently "I rust things," and within that context, he creates impossibly large resonant spaces, the clutter of ambient noises, treated samples, field recordings, and stray patches of barely-heard melodic statements serving as the elements of decay. I think the big difference here from most records in the purely ambient headspace is that Haynes isn't looking to make music, but instead create experiential sound compositions a la Nurse W/ Wound. He turns the time spent in this environment into another presence in the room, as it applies pressure and uncertainty on the listener and taking on disturbing sentient qualities. Four sidelong pieces, absolutely terrifying with the lights out – parts of this are the closest I've heard to M.B. in terms of process and just how goddamned unctuous this all sounds. So when you find a sea urchin down in that hull the size of EPCOT Center, it casually impales you on one of its tines and slurps you down as your corporeal form dissolves, and your spirit is locked inside the blob of flesh and organ that comprises its insides, you won’t be as surprised because you’ll know what it sounds like for that to happen. Well-designed matte gatefold, 350 copies.