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Jim Haynes Eraldus / Eravaldus
by Massimo Ricci

Paris Transatlantic, September 2008

Jim Haynes' Eraldus/Eravaldus is also a picture disc adorned with the author's treated photographs. Haynes' penchant for "rusting things" is once again commendably evident in music derived from a series of field recordings, "agitated objects and amplified spaces". Words of praise are pointless when dealing with aural art of such subtlety and sensitivity; this is for connoisseurs. Unlikely to cause an instant enthusiastic reaction, it implants its memory-carving cells little by little, until the listener is progressively swallowed up in shades of husky bewitchment. The mixture of resounding metallic aura and rumbling menace is a trademark of this San Francisco-based soundscaper, who camouflages any sentimental implications under a muddy crust of impenetrability and makes but extremely rare concessions to hallucinatory expressivity. But Haynes is modifying concrete sounds – his sources include, amongst other things, a lighthouse, wind-whipped high tension wires and a pile of sand – and their textures remain palpable throughout, leaving a sonic residue like the white-salt patina that sticks on the skin when sea-water has dried. A scarcely visible stimulus that nevertheless makes us feel alive and willing to resume fighting while everything else seems to crumble. No apparent earthly future, an inestimable sheen waiting for our awareness. Somewhere.