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The Incident With A Ghost
Hooker Vision, 2013

"I got in contact with Rachel Evans back in 2010 or so, mostly as a fan of her work as Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, whose recordings have in mind been at the top of the whole kosmische synth contingent. She's born and raised in Georgia, where she currently lives; and there's something about her work that taps into the slow pace, the sensual humidity, and comfortable co-existence with ante-bellum forms even in its most decrepit state. On a summer vacation that took me into North Carolina and South Carolina back in 2011, I brought with me her Luminaries & Synastry album which was stuck in the car during the driving parts of that excursion. The dark twinkles of melody, her floating vocals, and the occasionally skittered rhythms seemed to crawl out of the Southern soil, right alongside the kudzu that was engulfing telephone poles and old cars as I was driving by. Both her work and the Hooker Vision imprint that she runs with her husband Grant (a mighty fine musician in his own right!) have been inspirations for me since I discovered them both. As a tribute to my gratitude for their efforts, I began working on this album in hopes that it might fit within the Hooker Vision ethos, but also clearly being a Jim Haynes record. The result is 'my synth record' with much more of a palpable sense of melody (still quite occluded amidst the talus laden textures and shortwave static) through a couple of synth units that I had acquired over the years. So, I was very happy and humbled when Rachel and Grant accepted my submission for Hooker Vision. And here it is -- my first tape release since my late teen years. What was that you might ask? Well, you can always ask." -- Jim Haynes