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No Rent // Cassette

The Incomplete album is within a series that manifests or possibly just responds to existential states of failure. Inconclusive was the first such album, which was released on Audio.Visual Atmosphere in 2019, and Incomplete is actually the third, just released by No Rent. The second of which will be released at a later date through a label that will remain nameless at this point in time, and it should be noted that Incomplete is something of a parallel narrative to that second recording, as many of the tracks were made around the same time, but had distinctly different facets. Perhaps, a narrative arc could make sense at a later date; but for now, the incompletion is fully realized through that noticeable void of the missing second record. It should also be stated that this album was always going to be titled Incomplete.


This is an aggressive record, perhaps something of a mutation between John Duncan's Dark Market Broadcast, early '80s Esplendor Geometrico, and Dave Phillips Rise. The audio corrosion has quickened. Structures compounded to the point of collapse. Hints at these more aggressive rhythmic structures had appeared in live performances up through 2019 (notably performing alongside Anenzephalia, Daniel Menche, Pedestrian Deposit, and The Schimpfluch Gruppe). Grindingly motorik noise. Quickfire shortwave radio pulsations. Convulsions through obtuse angles and staccato abrasion. Insistent frequency modulations. rudimentary sequences. All are overlaid with swarms of slow rotational sawtooth tones, harmonic dissonance, and malleable noise.