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Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere // Cassette

Inconclusive is the first album from Jim Haynes in over two years. During the intervening passage of time since 2017's Electrical Injuries (Aussenraum) and Vane Dodson (Monorail Trespassing), the California based artist has studiously amplified and accelerated his electro-acoustic crucible to incorporated much of what he gleaned from a lengthy residency at Naut Humon's Recombinant Media Labs. Here, the rudiments of sequenced based structures and control voltage rhythms snap into place amidst his smoldering noises from jagged frequencies.

The signature disruptions of jagged shortwave and misfiring turbines announce the beginning of Haynes' Inconclusive with the chemically treated volatility of "Blotched." An actual drum machine provides firmament to the battery of synthetic electronics, scalding distortion, and disembodied voice within the virulent "And Then, Theranos." Oily pistons and arc-light dissonance lend a high-tension, industrial feel to "An Isolated Failure." Inconclusive tightens the rhythmic proclivities that have run through Haynes recent live performances, reworking much of that material in a studio context. References to Le Syndicat, Pan Sonic, Daniel Menche, and Kevin Drumm all might be applicable.

Alternate text from Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere

A black curtain of sawdust swerves over a colloquy of chiming aches. Outside the horizon burns in a maroon red, speculating over the rise and fall of each action.

Muscular tones emerge as aerial abstractions, mechanical arrangements are measured without generating any resolve. The sediment of decades is gathered in an industrial installation of manufactured discharge. Brutalist dynamism approaches as planned pulses resonate within the sonic vertigo.

Fluid Sonic Fluctuations