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Jim Haynes Telegraphy by the Sea

Outer Limits by Keith Moliné

The Wire, February 2007

A more dramatic affair than its understated predecessor Magnetic North, this second solo album by sound artist and Wire contributor Haynes finds him spinning field recordings and metallic overtones into an endlessly shifting web of sound. Haynes is such a patient artist, presiding over his materials with great restraint and loving attention to detail, and very carefully allowing them to react with each other. His skill in allowing these elements to combine and metamorphose is so deft that it wasn't until I was about 30 minutes in that I realised how dense and abrasive the music had become. Then, with an uncharacteristic abrupt shift, the tone switches to something calmer and more sensual. This final stretch, a montage of billowing gong harmonics and snatches of shortwave speech, is luminously beautiful, surpassing even his superb collaborations with Loren Chasse in their Coelacanth project.