Bloom Offering
LP HMS 049

The Vinyl District

November 2018

The sound Seattle's Nicole Carr delivers on her vinyl debut (after a series of cassettes) is defined by the label as "synth wave / blighted electronics," and that sums it up pretty well. There's a definite chilly vibe with an undercurrent of corrosion that inspires visions of black-clad individuals struggling under the weight of dystopia in reserved isolation. But it's not as surface-level retro as this might portray; somewhere close is a battered copy of RE/Search's Industrial Culture Handbook, so the recipe is potent. Furthermore, the bleak-future atmospherics are counterbalanced with Carr's lyrical themes, which rail against gender injustice. "Out 2 Get U" is offered as the prime example of this, but the two tracks that follow are the short album's standouts.